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Is it even worth it to file for a pardon in PA? or would it likely be a waste of time and money?
i have 2 DUI offenses with the most recent one being about 7 years ago. my second offense my BAC was .17 so it was charged as a first degree misdemeanor. i feel like it is holding me back from getting decent jobs and was thinking about filing for a pardon. also my house was broken into a few months ago and thought about purchasing a firearm to keep in my home. i was told i am unable to purchase one because of the first degree misdemeanor. from the research i have done it seems my only hope would be to get a pardon as my firearm rights cant be restored until my other rights are restored also, which can only be done through a pardon. apparently it takes a couple years to get a hearing and costs about 2,000$ with a lawyer, and sometimes you wont even be given a hearing. would it be worth it?
In Pa. there is a 10 year look back period for DUI cases, therefore a pardon would not be granted. Be aware that if you...
Can I properly challenge the hospital blood test that led to my DUI? It was supposed to be used for medical purposes only.
I was in a car accident and a tox screen done at hospital states i had illegal drugs in my system. I have access to same results and they state they are presumptive and to be used only for medical purposes. It also states without confirmation testing. So in theory this test cannot be admissable, correct? There was no confirmatory results ordered stating the levels of drug in my system, just a positive result. Should I fight this charge?
Your questions cannot be answered based upon the minimal information provided. If you are charged with a DUI, you...
I have been charged with my 2ND and 3rd DWI in separate jurisdictions (counties) within two weeks. Can they combine the charges?
Two weeks apart I recieved DUI 2 and 3 in two counties. I had morphine metabolites, and alprazolam metabolites in my blood both times. One was an accident where a HIPPA subpoena was granted. Both have my charges as second dui, but a Pre-Sentence investigation was ordered so they may discover it's a 3rd.
If you're asking if the two charges could be merged into one so you only get one penalty then the answer is no. You...
My grandson is 20 and in college. He was cited for under age drinking while being a passenger in his friends car who is 21.
He was the only one cited, an LCB agent was in the parking lot of the club. He had an open can of beer. Will his driving license be suspended if he pleads guilty?
The answer to your question really depends on the traffic laws in your state. You should contact an attorney who...
I was arrested for DUI, I refused to submitt to any testing without a warrant and I refused to answer questions, Trial ?
I was pulled over by Pennsylvania state trooper, my registration was expired by 15 days I was waiting the new sticker in the mail. Nevertheless I refused to answer his questions (ie where are you going where are you coming from) I declined his offer of a breathalyzer stating I wouldn't submit to ANY testing without a warrant... I've never had a drivers license so I got the summary with regards to that. I'm poor and a PD is my only viable option (and we know how that goes) so I thought I'd seek input on this site, thank you in advance for any insight.
There are too many facts not given here to give you any reliable advice. While refusal DWIs are generally easier to...
I was wondering if you could appeal a suspension (possibly shorten it) for driving with a suspended license.
i managed to get myself in trouble and got 2 dui and I'm serving 18month suspension. Well, I've been working for the last 4 years basically since i got out of high school. Well, one day i happen to not have a ride to work and took my sisters car and drove to work and back. On my way back from work a cop pulled me over, i asked him why he pulled me over he told me my third brake light out. Then I proceeded to tell him i have a suspended license. long story short he gave me a ticket for Driving with a suspended license rather then driving under dui suspended license. Wondering if i could appeal the suspension possibly shorten it because i really have no other right to work. It's hard because i burn through all my time off missing days of work being unable to drive. which results "FIRED"
You should contact a Penn. Lawyer who specializes in traffic/DUI matters.
Dui for Prescription MED...How would it show & where can you look it up?
Why would it say ...DUI...unordinary charge ??? That is what someone said yet I show DUI...Ajudicated ? Whats the difference...I am now without a lawyer.. Can someone get a an office job with this background?
Sorry to hear you are without a lawyer- one could quickly review your docket to answer these questions. Ajuducated...