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Lost my license in 1996 due to a DUI manslaughter. Wanting to know how I can get it back.
Lost my License indefinitely due to DUI manslaughter. This all happened in Florida in January 1996. I have been out of prison after a little more than 9 years served. I contacted Florida DMV but was given no real answer how to get it back. I was told I was eligible to get it back. I just don't know what to do. I now live in West Virginia. Have been working since my release, even a dispatcher for the police department. Have been in no trouble since either. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
You likely need the flordia hold taken off. Contact Flordia DMV and tell them you got a DUI years ago and now you've...
Is there away to get my Driving privileges back ,while waiting to finish my counseling,DUI classes,so I don't lose my job?
I was working in New Martinsville WV, 9years ago,when I got a DUI,I was sent to another job soon after,I never heard another word from WV about it,I went to renew my liscence,WV has a hold on it,having trouble getting ahold of Wv DMV ,Took an assessment,and am on the list for DUI classes next month,but I need my Drivers Liscence soon,as I cant work with out it.I have been sober for 7 years. I am a Utah resident,but this happened in West Virginia
You need to contact a DUI attorney in your area to discuss your options. Avvo has a wonderful "find a lawyer" tool you...
How much jail time do you get if you dont pay your dui fines in wv
My fines for my DUI are due April 27th 2010 and I dont have the full amount and they will not take partial or give me an extension. I need to know how much jail time will resolve the fines if any. what happens if i dont pay by the due date.
Generally, jail time does not resolve your fines, so don't look for that to be a way out of paying. Failure to pay...
Why can’t you participate in the interlock program in Wv if you have a cdl ?
I was pulled over,failed the breathalyzer. I’ve been seeing that you can’t participate in the program if you have cdls.
Well, the short answer would be that the current West Virginia DUI laws, as passed and implemented by our West Virginia...
Is there a limit on how long you can be charged with a dui and the time to have a jury trail.
got pulled over on rt9 and was charged dui (drugs). Had prelim hearing and no evidence was entered by prosecutor! I mean nothing, no eyewitness no dash camera no body camera and there were 4! different police depts. at the scene. it's been over a year on and off jury trail docket. what is going on!!??? Is there a limit to how long this can go on.
If it is a misdemeanor level dui charge, the state has one year from the offense date to charge and one year from...
Can they terminate my parental rights if i don't do whats recommended by the court to go to inpatient rehab but remain drug free
The state of wv is trying to terminate my rights because I failed a drug test when I had my daughter there recommendations are 6 mnts of rehab and I said no I can seek out patient I am not using and willing to take drug screens but they don't care how many drug test I pass there saying rehab or I loose my kids please help me
Yes, they have the ability to take away your children if you fail to follow the court ordered treatment plan. You need...
How long can they keep my boyfriend over driving on suspended?
When he was 18 he received a felony charge for fleeing from an officer and some other things. I think he's been caught driving on suspended once since then. He's now 28. He got stopped tonight and found out his license were suspended.. How long are they likely to give him? Is it likely that they'll let him out with bail? I've never been in this situation.. I have no idea what to do. Please help
He is absolutely entitled to bond and it should be a very reasonable amount with him out today. As to the charge, it...