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Can a Marine on leave be kicked out for DUI?
My son just graduated bootcamp and while on leave he received a DUI and was arrested. He has to return for MCT in January. I have understand he can hire a lawyer to appear for him but worried he will get kicked out. He wasn't read his Miranda rights upon arrest. Also, working on getting a lesser charge.
Miranda is only important regarding custodial interrogation. It isn't a requirement when he was arrested. As for...
Can you get stoped by a cop in a Wal-Mart parkinglot before even leaving the parkinglot?
I was at Wal-Mart with my family and I drank a red bull without paying for it and got a summons for theft...when I left the store the cop that gave me the summons was waiting in the parkinglot and pulled me over as soon as I got out of my parking spot...he said he had smelled alcohol in my breath earlier and had me get out and do the road side test then asked if I wanted a blood test and I said no that I'd do the breathalyzer. Then he gave me a breathalyzer and I didn't pass, he said I was x2 over the legal limit. I was cooperative with him. Then he arrested me and set my bond at $10,000. On the ticket tho he wrote that I refused to take the test, he didn't write that I took the breathalyzer, and that's what bumped my bail to $10,000. He also put x2 child endangerment charges. Is it legal for him to wait for me like that and stop me in the parkinglot? Can I fight this since I did take the breathalyzer and he didn't put it on the ticket? What are my chances?
Yours is just one part of the story. Yes he can do that. We cannot give you chances without knowing all the facts and...
Have you ever heard of Nicorette Lozenge 2mg making blood alcohol high?
Breathalyzer results= .130 I had not been drinking but had ingested aprroximately 30 mints in an hour time span (trying to quit smoking). I was bonded out, told my wife I had not been drinking and she could immediately tell that I was sober. We decided to go to the ER because my wife was thinking maybe diabetes but lab results came back normal but my BAC was 101. I truly have not been drinking but have now been charged with a DUI. Have you ever heard of such a thing?
While I've never seen that precise scenario, some things you ingest may cause false breathalyzer readings. You're...
Can I move from Colorado to Texas under unsupervised probation?
My sentence was DUI deferred, one year unsupervised probation, I have a offer job in Texas, and I want to move over there before the year is over. Can I do it without getting in trouble later one?
It depends what the terms and conditions of your deferred judgment and unsupervised probation are. You need to review...
Do i really need a lawyer for a DUI in Colorado?
my daughter received a DUI outside of Denver CO and is trying to decide if she needs to hire a lawyer or not. she has never had any offenses or tickets (no speeding tickets, no seat belt tickets, etc) she moved from Virginia to the Denver area in early April 2017 so she is there alone with no family and I really don't have the money to help her with the expenses right now.
For so many reasons, yes, your daughter should not face a DUI charge alone. Perhaps she qualifies for a public defender....
How does it work with a repeated offender (dui) driving under restraint , drunk , and on probation ?
Relative was in a recent accident , hitting a tree .hospital took blood, and she was indeed intoxivated . She had a revoked license & on probation w/multiple DUI's. She wasn't ticketed or arrested yet, and feels like she is not going to have consequences ? She never had an officer contact her about this or her PO, and I believe this is her 5th dui?
She's in serious trouble, and while you may not know it, she likely does, or will very soon. A call to the court in the...
What am I looking at with a second dui and dwai ticket also revoked license careless driving and expired tags?
In facing these charges after I was ran off the road and I hit my head on windshield.and that's how they found me.I don't remember what happened.
You should consult a DUI defense attorney for a more detailed review of your case and potential outcomes. Be aware...