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Why didn't the chp give me the results of my breathalizer test at the sheriffs station wnen I did it twice and he got two print
The breath was my choice over blood. Machine was in good operating order according to the sheriff.
Sometimes cops are jerks.
Can a highway patrolman have me give a blood test after taking 3 breathe test ?
Took one breath at roadside went to sub station where I took my second on the actual machine with the print out, two times, then a third on his little portable , then he goes outside comes back in and tells me they are going to need a blood sample
2 reasons he can take blood. 1. Breath machine not working 2, suspect drugs . That said he may have gotten low...
I just received a second DUI the end of july... I a appeared to my court date the officer wrote on my citation. Why is my case
What kind of action am I looking at? Its my second DUI but I also crashed my vehicle during this event no one got hurt and my blood alcohol level was 0.8. What are my options and I cant afford a lawyer?
Action? Indio? 30-45 days jail but the court may allow alternative sentencing or work furlough program. With a .08,...
Got a DUI in California but live in Georgia. Wrote the mandatory unit, but how long does it take to get a response or the packet
Just need to know that I'm waiting for this packet and being out of state that I won't get in trouble with the California law.
You need to contact the dmv within 10 days. Are you referring to the waiver packet to not drive in California? That...
Should I tell future employer about DUI?
Got DUI a couple months ago and the court still haven't gave me any dates (not even an arraignment date) was released after not seeing a judge for 3 days. The Job application ask me do I have any convictions or pending charges. Does my situation count as pending even though they haven't brought it up yet? Will it come up on background check. Job doesn't require driving.
In one sense it's "pending" because charged can be filed for up to one year. On the other hand, you were released with...
First time DUI offense, no damage to any vehicle or property. Never been in any major trouble prior. Best case and worse case?
I have not been in any major trouble prior to this. Was very cooperative with the officers, they parked my truck and saved me the impound fee. What is the worse case and best case scenario for me...I'm very scared and disappointed with myself.
The outcome of your case depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to the reason for the stop, your...
I was visiting out here and got a DUI. I'm an out of state resident, I live in Georgia.
I don't need a California license because I don't live here, but need to know I can still get 1650 waiver and don't have to stay in California to handle the matter
I cannot answer your question in regards to the application of California law. However, as a Georgia Attorney who...