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Why didn't the chp give me the results of my breathalizer test at the sheriffs station wnen I did it twice and he got two print
The breath was my choice over blood. Machine was in good operating order according to the sheriff.
Sometimes cops are jerks.
What's the last time you did a diabetic defense on dui
Was drinking 2 beer 6 hour before my arrest I weigh 190 lb and I am diabetic what can I do?
What was your Breath Reading? What was your driving like when you were stopped? How did you do on the field tests?...
How long will a dui stay on my record.
My dui was in 2003 in my car, but I have a cdl. First they told me 13 yrs. Now there telling me 55 yrs.
A dui will stay on your criminal record forever. However it can only legally be used as a prior for 10yrs. You can...
Is there a statute of limitation for not completing a dui program ?
was convicted and had to attend a dui program ect. but never attended any or paid any fines this was about 8 years ago
Statute of limitations has nothing to do with your situation. If you never completed the terms of your DUI probation,...
What is the minimum and maximum sentence in California for a first time DUI with injury?
My sister recently received a DUI and as of now she was only arrested for a misdemeanor without injury and let out the following day. She was backing up on her street and accidentally hit a friend which resulted in a broken hip and femur. An unknown witness called and reported the accident. After viewing the arrest log for that day I noticed her court date is set 6 weeks later than others in the same county with the same misdemeanor DUI penal code. Is this typical as more time would be needed for a felony injury conviction? I am not sure if it makes a difference but i'll add the story to why she was backing up. My sister had her friend over for drinks and friends boyfriend came along as well. The boyfriend started to physically abuse the friend(he has a history including restraining orders, the current one is modified). He became angry and left on foot, the friend followed and my sister followed her in her car to urge her back inside. He hit her again on the street and she went running across the street to get away as my sister was backing up. Then she hit her with her car.
This could go very wrong for her. Those injuries are substantial and would qualify as felony injuries and also great...
Can my husband get deported on his first dui
He got a dui today at 2am he was taken in ,but I'm worried he will get deported .its his first thing in his record he has no felonys tickets nor misteminer we have a new born baby together what are the chances of getting deported
There is not enough information to answer this question. If your husband is not a citizen, he should consult with an...
If you have a felony and you get arrested for dui again how much time will you do
he had a prior felony for hit and run 20001 and now 667a1 priors and now also dui alch and drg/cse bdy inj 23153 also dui .08 also w/injury 23153b also dui alcohl cause bdy inj 23153a also hit and run death 20001a do you know how much time he will have to do? he wrecked his bmw in this case.
Doesn't look good for this guy. He'll do more than he wants to in any event. Time for him to lawyer up and get into rehab.