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Why didn't the chp give me the results of my breathalizer test at the sheriffs station wnen I did it twice and he got two print
The breath was my choice over blood. Machine was in good operating order according to the sheriff.
Sometimes cops are jerks.
Can a highway patrolman have me give a blood test after taking 3 breathe test ?
Took one breath at roadside went to sub station where I took my second on the actual machine with the print out, two times, then a third on his little portable , then he goes outside comes back in and tells me they are going to need a blood sample
2 reasons he can take blood. 1. Breath machine not working 2, suspect drugs . That said he may have gotten low...
When I go to court is the negligent driving from Washington going to haunt me and be brought up as a 2nd offense in California?
Last Saturday night, I was arrested for DUI in California, I never drive drunk but made the stupid decision of driving to Jack in the Box and my decision definitely cost me. Back in my military days I was arrested when I was 19 years old in Washington state that charge was reduced to a negligent driving.
Very doubtful that will have any impact, but you need to retain counsel to help you with this one promptly. You must...
Do they automatically check for other substances with a DUI citation. I understand the defense may find results questionable.
Making a right turn I scraped ...hit the median with the left front, left back tires. The side air bags were deployed. I was stopped within the block as I continued driving and they administered a field sobriety test on a very cold night. I was shaking and wasn't dressed warm enough. It was determined I failed the test. When asked for a breathaliser test I chose the blood test and was taken to the police station. I was detained for almost 10 hours and discharged with a DUI but no blood test results. BTW : this is the first (and only) DUI ticket at age 64. Thanks.
The blood is sent to a lab for testing. Results aren't available within ten hours. If the officer believed you were...
Are there any alternatives for community service? Paying more in fines for example?
For a first time DUI and car collision. I'm currently dealing with the Orange County court and one of my court orders was to complete cal trans community service. I was wondering if maybe I went back and requested that I could pay more in fines would I be able to eliminate the community service? Or anything else?
You might be able to buy your way out of community service in OC where money talks. Have you contacted the attorney...
Which way should I go?
I got a DUI in June. My attorney whom I paid was suppose to represent me on both the court case and the admin per se hearing. She cancelled my hearing without me knowing about it. I got another DUI in Arizona in 2007, but I have paperwork that the Judgement was set aside. The DMV is now trying to hit me with 2 DUI's with extended classes and an interlock device. The court is only hitting me with the one here. My attorney explained to me that I would only be charged with one DUI and I would only have minimal classes and NO interlock. She lied to me. I am interested in possibly filing a writ against the DMV but another attorney is telling me to file a malpractice against my original attorney. I am upset with all the extra costs. I am not sure which way to go and if any attorneys that can help me with the writ part of it or the malpractice, I would like to speak with you. Thank you.
I'm not convinced your problem lies with your lawyer. Seems to be the problem is either your understanding of the...
How much jail time will I be facing if I'm not granted the extension for my community service?
reFor my first DUI charge. First charge on my record period. I'm terrified of going back to jail. Although my circumstances have been tough, I don't know how lenient I should expect the judge to be.
It depends on how strict the DA and the judge are, as well as your excuse for not getting your hours done on time. I've...