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Can my lawyer help with a federal violation of probation with a d.u.i?
I am on federal probation and just got a dui. This is the first time I violated. I have been doing good since i got out in February 2016. I have two prior dui's in '99 and '01. I did ten years prior to getting out .
You should probably ask your lawyer that question. If you were appointed an attorney through the CJA (i.e. federal...
What does "fugitive disposition" mean on a pending DUI?
I have missed 2 court dates due to my mental illness. I was hospitalized for 13 days. My public defender wants me to have my doctor fax over the documents. I was told that I did not have a warrant but my status is "fugitive disposition" what does that mean? Can I still be arrested before another court date is on record? Thank you for your consideration.
You have an attorney. A public defender has as much knowledge, if not more, than most other private attorneys. As your...
Is it mandatory for evocation for DUI if you're found guilty?
I was pulled over last night on my motorcycle for speeding and I was given a breathalyzer I was over .08 and cited for DUI is that automatic relocation or what is the steps I have to go through
As an avid motorcyclist myself I can tell you DUIs on bikes are unique cases. You should seek representation asap!!!
What usally happens if you are arrested for a dirty urine on federal supervised releasr?
Been out for 4 months have a job doing well and got a dirty urine
It depends upon how you have been doing on SR and your probation officer. Usually the PO will offer drug treatment or...
If my husband was driving a riding lawn mower will he still get the amount of time for the fourth dui?
He's does yard work and got caught in a riding lawn mower
Yes it would be considered a motor vehicle under the statute. He will need to speak to a local defense attorney. They...
How long will they wait to arrest you after the last time something was stolen? Or how long to make a case against you?
I shoplifted from a large chain multiple times over past 1.5!years but recently gave my self to the lord and no longer do this. The last time was a couple weeks ago. I just stopped cold.
Glad to know you've quit stealing. You should never post or say anything else about this to anyone. If the amount...
I was charged with a DUI after my ex husband ran the truck into the ditch
My ex husband was still in the driver's seat when the officers showed up. My son and I had gotten into another truck with a stranger to get away from him. He threatened my son's life if I didn't tell them I was driving. He also told a friend of mine that he was driving and for me to not let them convict me of the DUI. The officer never did a test at the jail nor did they give me medical treatment. Can they use the preliminary results in court?
Yes. Hire an attorney to help fight your case.