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How much time is he looking at?
My fiancé got pulled over in Idaho for not using his blinker. He had a warrant out for a previous DUI and when they searched his car, they found 5 lbs of marijuana. He is being charged with trafficking, possession, and parifinalia/intent to use. He is in jail awaiting his pre trail now. How serious is this? How much time is he looking at? His bail is 100,000 and bond set at 10,000
It is serious. Hire him a lawyer. Time he is exposed to depends on many factors: state or federal charges, does he have...
My husband had a dui in 2001 and just got arrested for dui 2015 he currently has imigration hold is there anything I can do?
Prior deportation in 2003
First question: What is his current Immigration status ? The answer to that question will determine the best course of...
Will a misdemeanor be dismissed
The police got a warrant to draw blood and told me I would either hear back in 30 days by mail or hand delivered. I never heard or received a summons or citation. It's been 17 months and I got arrested on a warrant. Will charges get dismissed
Call an Idaho criminal defense attorney. Don't rely on the representation of a cop who simply drew a blood sample. An...
I'm out of state and need to complete my dui courses and get rid of a warrent, do I have to go back to that state?
I got a dui in California about a year ago and had to complete classes. During the classes I was kicked out for missing to many days. I had financial problems and was unable to get to the classes anymore. Then, do to circumstances, I had to move out of state. There is a Warrent out for me. Is there anyway that I can still finish these classes and get the Warrent taken care of out of the state? Am I at risk of jail time?
You should retain an attorney who practices in the court where your case originated. Assuming this is a misdemeanor...
Failure to complete after MIC?
So I got an MIC a few months ago and part of my sentence was to complete 20 hours of community service, the two months prior to the due date I came down with a severe respiratory infection and wasn't allowed to even go to school for all of November and December. I wrote a letter to my judge explaining that I couldn't manage to find the time to complete my community service hours, explaining that I was BPA chapter president, Editor in Cheif of our schools yearbook, and on our schools mock trial team as well as my illness, there was literally no time to complete it. My request was denied and I'm not sure what to expect going into court this week. Should I bring doctors notes? Money? I'm still in high school and received the ticket when I was 17 years old. Can I serve jail time?
You should contact a local experienced attorney to help you and your doctors notes.
Does my minor daughter need an attorney for a DUI charge if she is indeed guilty?
My minor daughter received a misdemeanor DUI citation after being involved in a single-car roll-over accident. She was indeed under the influence, blew a .11 and .12 and we have no reason to believe this is inaccurate. She has no prior record other than a speeding ticket. To complicate matters, we are in Chapter 13 bankruptcy and thus have no disposable income. Our income is too high for a public defender based on the court clerk review. She said we could go before the judge during the pre-trial conference to try and make a case for a PD. We are trying to determine if that is worth the effort or if she should change her plea to guilty and take the punishment that the judge deals her. Or should she have an attorney to help ensure that the punishment is not overly harsh?
Pleading guilty to a DUI will have lifetime consequences for your daughter. Find a way to retain counsel. A motion to...
Is a police report admissable in court if both partys were intoxicated with alcohol at the time of the statement.
My wife and i got into a heated argument we were drunk. both of us lied about what happened trying to get the other one in touble,but I was the only one that got arrested because my son came out to see why we were fighting i did not see he was behind me as i turned around to walk down the hall i knocked him over on accident,grabbed a hold of his arm to catch him and left a mark on his arm because of that i was arrested.She is not going to testify.
I believe you are really wanting to know if the information gathered and memorialized in a police report could still be...