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What can be done about my dui charges?
I was recently involved in an at fault, non injury accident, accused if being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, and did a field sobriety test and breathalyzer. I was charged with a dui and taken to police station for blood testing. I received my court papers, and noticed some discrepancies. The two violations are 3802 D1i, and 3802 D1iii. Neither one of them are alcohol related even though it states in the contents my bac was .141. Also in the comments, it states my level of thc was .60ng/ml delta 9-thc. In the state of Pennsylvania, the threshold for level of thc admissible in court is 1ng/ml delta 9-thc. To me it sounds like these charges should be dropped. There was zero evidence found in the vehicle to support their claims of using marijuana.
Get local DUI/DWI counsel involved to see if these discrepancies are enough to exonerate you.
Can i get a second drug and alcohol assessment for an ARD dui case?
I entered ARD for dui in PA in August. I took the CRN ahead of my court date and was recommended for alcohol highway safety school, which I have since completed. I was required to get a drug and alcohol assessment which was scheduled after my final court date. the evaluator said the assessment was not enough time to adequately assess anyone and put me in treatment. The assessment occurred on August 12, and I was not given a treatment plan until 6 weeks into it. she does not closely monitor our plans and progress. I am 11 weeks into treatment and do not have a set end date. My license was suspended for 30 days and was eligible for restoration October 23rd. This treatment is the only thing preventing me from getting it back. Can I get a second drug and a assessment and will the court take it
The evaluator's comments don't make any sense. The evaluation either determined that you needed treatment or it didn't....
If i was arrested at a dui checkpoint because i couldnt blow the breathalizer but then blew a .079 can i be charged?
I also had a 19 year old with me at the time who was also drunk but was cited for an underage can i be charged for him being drunk as well
The question of can you be charged misses the point. The answer is almost always yes. If they have probably cause...
What to expect after a DUI stop
I was pulled over but the cop didn't tell me why. He asked if I had been drinking and then did FST and a breathalyzer. He then handcuffed me and took me for a blood test. Afterwards I was driven home. What happens next?
You will likely get a packet of paperwork in approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the court along with the summons to appear...
Public intoxication arrest in MD - previous DUI/expunged in PA
boyfriend had a dui three years ago and did ARD program, probation suspended license then had everything expunged here in PA where we live. Two weeks ago, he was on vacation in Ocean City MD and got arrested for public intox/endager (charges on papers) spend the night in jail, appeared on court, no bail needed. Had court hearing in August. My question is, can MD police, judge DA etc see his previous record in PA and will that impact the punishment in MD and or have any impact here in PA
It should not have any effect in PA, however, an expunged charge may still be able to be seen by law enforcement. The...
What consequences should I plan to face and is this the end of the world for me? Also how well this effect college?
When I was 17 I had gotten an underage at a party. The police had come because of a noise complaint and cited all of us for underage drinking. The fine was $244 and I have to testify in court for the people who pleaded not guilty. Two days after I turned 18, my friend was driving me home from a party (he was sober might I add) because he was the designated driver. We had gotten pulled over due to the license plate light being out. I admitted to drinking after the officer claimed I smelled of it. I had to call my parents to come pick me up and the breathalyzer test they used was not functioning properly so I did not end up getting breathalyzed. I plan to attend Washington State Univ. What consequences should I expect and is this the end of the world for me or do I have some sort of hope?
Good choice on using a designated driver. That shows you have hope. It is likely that your citation for underage...
How much would you charge to defend me?
Dui 9/14 and driving under suspension I was not driving either time
Many more facts would be needed to answer your question. Priors, bac, refusal?