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What happens after being stopped for a suspended license?
I had successfully completed my ARD program for a DUI charge in November. At my hearing the judge stated that a notice would be sent to Penndot for my license to be restored. I then started to drive again believing that everything was completed. Three weeks later I was pulled over for my license being suspended and was given a citation. I went to the magistrates office to pay my fine. I was told that I couldn't pay it that this would be a mandatory court hearing and that I needed to hire a lawyer. I am very confused and scared. What happens next?
The penalty for driving under suspension when the suspension is DUI related is 60-90 days incarceration. Because you...
Got pulled over and couldn't find the registration for the car? got a citation saying failed to provide registration..
Found the registration later and is still valid and not expired.. the cop didn't give me enough time to look for it ... what should I do now ?? Plead guilty or not guilty and how can I erase the charges since the car is registered and still have a valid registration..tnx
Just ask for a Hearing and then present the registration at that time. Ticket should be withdrawn under such...
Is this blood evidence admissible in PA DUI case?
Hit by car walking bicycle across intersection, knocked Unconscious officer followed ambulance to hospital said take blood getting warrant. he didn't get warrant for about two weeks...then using serum blood reading converted it to whole blood and charged me with dui. I was unconscious and unable to consent or refuse
Under Section 3755 of the vehicle code, law enforcement can use blood results from a hospital blood draw. The...
II has my parents dl suspended for a probation fine from 2002 which I had merge with aother county sentence which I violated a s
I was on probation in 2002 got another charge in a different county violated that got state time and maxed my Driver license was tooken from the 1st county that merged probation on to the last one I served state time and maxed they want a 1000 dollars for fines and cost after I did time
It is difficult to determine if there is a question here. Additionally, it is unclear how or why your parents' license...
Do you have to take a urinalysis for your CRN evaluation in the state of PA?
Going for a crn evaluation and I have drank a couple of beers
In general there is no urine test with a CRN, it is a statistical interview for DUIs in PA. Some counties require you...
What is the next prior step i need to take ? Please do let me know thanks for your time
Hi Good Morning ,This is my first DUI. I was coming from home to a food store and I parked my car in the parking lot of the food store and I was arrested and taken for blood test and I asked the police why I was arrested he told me that some one gave a complaint on me that I did not stop at stop sign & I jumped the signal so after a week I got a mail that my visa was revoked Can any of you please help me what do I need to know further and what will be the consequences for me. Because i need to apply for my OPT coming month on December i still did not get documents from the police department or court if i apply for my OPT will it get rejected can you please help me out i really appreciate your time and efforts. Please do respond me i will be waiting on your response. Email: nsragv@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
You need to get in touch with both a criminal defense attorney and an immigration attorney, There is a lot more...
How does First of DUI charge in PA state impact my H1B visa status and what can be done to reduce/avoid the impact on H1B visa?
I am on H1B visa and was charged with DUI(1st off,no injuries, no aggravating factors) last night. Took breathalyzer test , I don't have BAC readings with me and and also the eye test was taken.After that I was taken to the judicial center for bio-metrics and blood test.After 3 hours I was allowed to go home . I have not received any notice as of now and I not sure what should be the next steps to be taken.Also how and what can be done to reduce the charges? What will be the impact on my H1B visa status? Will it be revoked or not? Please advice.
You should immediately go to an experienced immigration attorney. I the current immigration situation you are at risk.