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Can anyone help?
I got a Dui last night even though I wasn't even by my car, it was parked on the street. The cop was yelling at me and I was very intoxicated and scared so I don't even know what I wass saying but I said I drove it around the corner when I actually didn't drive.
you need to contact a good attorney in your area ASAP. not enough information in your message.
My car was damaged in my work parking lot because of a drunk patron.
I work at a bar, where my car was parked in the very front of the bar. One of the patrons was asked to leave and a fight ensued involving security, right in front of my car. The drunk patron kicked my car causing over $2000 in damages. He was arrested for vandalism as I pressed charges. My employer advised that I shouldn't have pressed charges and that its "just a car" and no big deal. Its a brand new car, so the damages are expensive. I did open a claim. and plan to go thru my insurance. But my question is whether my job is responsible under any premise liability for the damages. Because now I have to pay my $1000 deductible for something that's "no big deal" to my employer.
You may be able to get restitution for the damage to car through the criminal justice system, including your deductible...
My son is 27 yrs old and just got his 3rd DUI the first one was 2006 the 2nd 2009 and the 3rd was this weekend
we posted bail yesterday he has 2 court appearances for 6/6 and 6/24. I believe this is going to take more than a public defender I am looking for someone who frequents the Orange county courthouse and is familiar with the judge/staff there. looking for an attorney who deals mostly with DUI's. please advise if I am correct in getting a private attorney. One other thing since the time is short do you think the court will give us another date to come back since we need to contact a lawyer? He was arrested in Tustin not driving but actually standing outside the car which was parked when the police arrived but was charged with a DUI because a witness said they saw him driving.
You are on the right track. You want to find a local DUI defense attorney. The date for the 6th may have been an in-...
On probation for second DUI, got citation for being drunk in public area. And wasn't rude to police. Just lost.
My boyfriend is on probation for his second DUI. He took care of the first one and only needs 11 more days of community service to be done with his second one. On Christmas night we celebrated at his aunts and he drank. We called a taxi, taxi picked us up but dropped us off down the block after we said we only had our card. While walking back to his families house we got stopped. Cop took my boyfriend under custody. And another cop took me back to my hotel.(I passed the sober test) 20 minutes later I call the whittier police station and they say the released him to postpetarian hospital (he vomited in the cop car and cop called ambulance to pick him up.) I get him from the hospital around 4 am and take him back to the hotel. He received a citation, it says he refused to sign.
Call the lawyer who handled the second DWI and make and appointment to see him/her ASAP. Probation on a second DWI...
What will happen if you get a "public intoxication" citation while on probation of your second DUI.
My boyfriend is shoul be done with taking care of everything for his 2nd DUI in jan 2014. On Christmas Day we celebrated at his aunts and drank. I called a taxi to pick us up. But the taxi left is down the block after we said we only can pay with our card. While walking back we were stopped and long story short, my boyfriend wasn't rude, just lost and obviously intoxicated. I passed the sober test and was taken back to my hotel after the took him into custody. 20 minutes later I call whittier station and they informed they released him to prospetarian hospital. He vomited in the back seat of patrol car and was never booked and received ticket that he didn't sign. I got him out of the hospital 20 minutes later. I called taxi company and they will be able to provide proof. What do I do now?
Get an attorney. Your boyfriend has likely violated his terms of probation, by having contact with law enforcement and...
I need to suppress the blood test in a DUI, I was drinking, smoking pot but the test was only positive for meth?
Are any of these reasons to suppress the my blood test? - Cop wanted my phone so I reached and he pulled his gun on me (my dad is a dirty cop and I went into complete hysterics and later filed a complaint) - Cop sat me on a curb and the sprinklers came on soaking me, he said dont move, I squatted and this caused my boots to restrict blood to my feet. He ordered me to take the SFST and I told him my feet were numb and I did not want to in my 4inch heels. His report stated later I missed heel to toe, and one leg stand. -at the station I tried to change answers on an arrest survey they filled out, so they ripped it up and made a new that stated I refused to sign. -They took blood from both arms. -When I was released my blood draw receipt was MIA, I got a post it note a week later.
Hard to tell from the facts provided. In general, evidence may be suppressed under Penal Code section 1538.5 if the...
I received a DUI citation a few weeks ago. My alcohol level came out to 0.01%.
I received a letter from the DMV stating that the peace officer did not turn in his report and that there was no evidence against me, therefore my license would not be suspended. What happens next?
Because your blood alcohol level was below .08%, DMV did not suspend your driver's license. If you consumed any drugs...