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Is there anyway to wait out the time frame the dmv wants you to have an interlock device in ca? or fight it.
in 2011 i got my 1st and only dui. in 2015 i finished my classes. the court did not issue the interlock dmv did. after 2 driving on suspendeds goin to and from work to save up money for the classes and supporting a 4 year old. i do not have anyone to ask for help to drive me and there are no bus stops around my home. so i was forced by myself and life to drive. now dmv wants me to have interlock till 2017. can i just not drive until then then get my CDL? or will the time just extend every day that goes by? is there a way to go to dmv and fight it since its been 5 years since dui? please help i just want this done with and be able to drive my son to school with out breaking the law.
The DMV does not care about your sob story. They control all matters concerning your license. You can't just wait...
RN charged with DUI. If charges are reduced to reckless driving, how will that affect my license?
I was pulled over going around a turnabout, and had drank 2-3 cups of beer, the last one being about 1.5 hours prior to driving. After passing the field sobriety test, I was asked to perform a breathalyzer, which resulted in 0.122%, and 2 minutes later 0.123%. The officers repeatedly commented that my cooperation was very appreciated, and would reflect positively on my court case. They also said my career would reflect on my penalties in a positive light. On our initial stop at a CHP outpost, they performed another breathalyzer, which resulted in 0.10%. The arresting officers said there was a chance the charges could be reduced to reckless driving. If that is the case, what's the impact, if any, of that on my nursing license?
It's really a question for a licensing attorney. My general understanding is the nursing board sees it as an alcohol-...
Please help. I would like to know what could happen for these charges.
My boyfriend was accused of a DUI hit and run. He was in prison for 5 years. Now he is not allowed to drink and is on parole. Last night he got a DUI and these.charges EVADING OFFICER 23152(A) VC DUI ALCOHOL/DRUGS 23152(B) VC DUI 0.08 PERCENT 148(A)(1) PC OBSTRUCT/ETC PUB OFC 1320(B) PC FTA ON FELONY CHARGE 1320(A) PC FTA ON MISDEMEANOR C 476-Fel PC MAKE FICTITIOUS CHECk..the failure to appears/make fictitious check was for something he did a year ago and he missed the dates on accident and re scheduled it for this week. He didn't even know he had warrants so that just added to his DUI. Please let me know what he can potentially face with all this. Thank you
It depends on whether the DA charges some of these as felonies or misdemeanors (called wobblers if the wobble -- they...
Can the D.A. add charges after I have pled not guilty to a dui. My blood count was zero.
No injury accident on 10-15-2013, except to myself. Case filed on 09-10-2014 for misdemeanor 23152 DUI. Pled not guilty on 10-03-2014 at arraignment. Next court date is 11--17-2014. My blood count was zero for alcohol. My question is can they add or change the charges after I pled not guilty, and also its now over 1 year since the accident.
Yes. So long as the case is active, they can amend the complaint and file new charges. Once there is a resolution to...
What happens when I go to my court date but im not on the calendar?
I was arrested for "driving while addicted to drugs or alcohol" and was released with a court date for the following month. When I went I wasnt on the calendar and they had no record of it in the clerks office. How long does the county of shasta have to charge me, im worried it may pop up a year or 2 down the road and I may have a warrent or something. Please help
The statute of limitations to file a misdemeanor case is one year from the date of the offense. You may want to...
Can the DA change the complaint after I plea guilty and add more charges or change the charges?
My insurance tells me that some passengers that were in the car that I hit are visiting doctors etc and 1 settled with my insurance already. So question is, the DA only filed a misdemeanor DUI with no injuries. I am not sure if I should fight it or should I quickly plead before they charge me more. Also could they charge more after I plead guilty? My alcohol was .14 and was driving 65-70 in a 50 zone. There were no injuries listed in the police report but the unknown worries me.
Unless this is their first day as a prosecutor, they will not plead your case until they have spoken with all the...
I got a DUI in California in 2001. I applied for a driving instructor position and they will do background. Can they find it?
I currently live in Colorado. I was told it is removed from record after 10 years but not sure if that means they will see it on my record when they do my background check. Can someone provide guidance for me? I meet with the owner tomorrow.
It will appear on your background check. It falls off after 10 years to be counted as a prior should you get arrested...