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I was charged with a class 6 felony child endangerment because I was pulled over for a dwi on prescription medication.
with my son in the car, I swerved to pick up a lit cigarette my VERY intoxicated husband dropped and it was burning the carpet in the car. they did nothing to him but send him home.
You need to have a private and privileged conversation with a local attorney about your defense and any other options...
10 years ago was declared a habitual offender with 2DUI's and a ton of speeding tickets and a 3 driving on Suspended..
is it true after 7 years those fines are gone if it is what must I do ..how do I petition the court? what is my best bet to get it reinstated
Fines and court costs to not disappear and must be paid with interest. You have to petition the court to reinstate...
Can you fight a dui refusal?
Can I fight a dui refusal charge if the police officer could not prove that I was the driver?
You are only under the Virginia Statute if you operate a vehicle on a highway. You also must be arrested within three...
Can you travel to Mexico pending a DUI
My friend got arrested last night for a DUI and he was sent to jail over night but there was no bond he was just free to go when someone came to pick him up. The court date is June 13th but we leave for Cancun, Mexico June 2nd-8th. Can he go? If he does go will we all be denied entry to Mexico?
Best to check with your nearest Mexican consulate. Begin by searching on their website, then call.
What happens to my sec.8 if I'm convicted of felony d.u.i and have a 90 day jail sentence?
I plead guilty to felony d.u.i I didn't tell sec.8 somebody reported me I have a 90 day sentence coming up that's mandatory
Sounds like a housing / landlord / government benefits question to me (not "federal crime").
Is there anything I can do to help my DWI case in Stafford VA?
I recently moved to Virginia from Maryland, about 5 months ago. I was eating dinner and rear ended a police car exiting the parking lot. I was charged with a DWI and blew a .17. This is my first offense and first time being arrested. I am aware that BAC above .15 is minimum 5 days of jail time. But I am desperately hoping to avoid going to jail. I would appreciate any advice or insight on my situation. If theres more information I need to provide please ask.
If there is some way you can remove your question online, you should do so. Your question is like a written confession...
Can someone who doesn't have an id use that as a valid argument in court?
The bio mom of my child is court ordered to submit to a drug test when I request one due to history of heroin use. I am taking her to court for show cause and motion to amend orders because she refused all the drug tests I have ordered in the last year. She claims she didn't do them because she doesn't have a photo id despite the fact it takes $10 to get one. Can she argue that she doesn't have a photo id to do the drug test or is that not considered a valid reason in court?
First of all, did the court order a drug test or you . You have absolutely no authority to order her to take a drug...