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Violated probation getting my 3rd dui. my pd says i will do 6 months. will a paid lawyer get me less time?can i get house arrest
violated in march of 14, probation would have been over in june. i havent been convicted of the 3rd dui yet. it is in mississippi. how can i stay out of jail?
For some reason I can't see what state you're from but if these case was in California, I would say yes, a private...
I got charged with dui in tennessee but I passed the breathalyzer can I appeal
On the evening in question I was pulled over for no seatbelt. I had open containers in the backseat. I was taken to jail, where I passed a breathalyzer with a .06 BAC. A marijuana cigarette paper, was found in my vehicle. No other drugs or paraphernalia was found. I was charged with a DWI for driving under the influence of marijuana. I was never drug tested, and no blood was taken. I was found guilty because I did not come to court while I was incarcerated in another county.
It depends on when and how your case was tried. Typically, a bench warrant for failing to appear would be issued for...
DUI attorney
I got stopped at the hospital where I lived in May, went into the hospital to see about a severely abcessed tooth. It was early morning and I had been drinking. I drove over 14 miles to the hospital when a cop at the hospital followed me inside and engaged me. He then asked me to take the normal DUI tests which I did and failed. I never got seen at the hospital. I was taken to jail and sent to a cell. I was then brought to an adjacent cell where I stupidly gave blood. The was on Mothers day. The next day I was bailed out and went home. This case has yet to be determined. Here is the kicker on which I think I can beat it on. I was not arraigned for 3 weeks from my arrest date because the judge had hip surgery. From my understanding I still have to be arraigned in a timely manner (48-72 hour
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
My 19 year old charged with possession and consumption in his college dorm.
My 19 year old son was suspected of consuming alcohol in his dorm room. Police were called and he was charged with underage possession and consumption. No open containers were found (He had a mixed drink made in a jug that they made him pour out) and he was NOT given a Breathalyzer. They told him to "sleep it off." They wrote him a ticket, he appeared, and a court date was set for Nov. 24th. Do we need to attain a lawyer?
Yes you should get a lawyer if you want to be sure to keep your son's record clean at least through this incident.
If I got pulled over and took to jail for dui and the case gets dismissed for lack of evidence can I sue to get my money back
I got pulled over for not maintaining lane and took to jail for dui the judge ruled it was an illegal pullover so the dui got dismissed can I get my legal fees and bond money back
No, you can't sue for false arrest unless you can prove malice.
Can I get my sentence reduced?
I was recently pulled over for a crooked license plate. I had been drinking and was arrested. I was given a blood test but I don't know the results yet and apparently they can't give results for quite some time. I was previously arrested in 2009 under suspicion of DUI and that arrest resulted in a reduced reckless driving charge. I was told by current my pre-trial counselor that this WILL NOT make my current arrest a 2nd offense, but it will be considered a first offense. Is it possible to get this charge reduced as well?
It is possible to get it reduced or dropped. You need to discuss this with your current counsel since he is the one who...
I am on probation for a DUI and on my way to a half way house for a year. Can I leave the country without being caught?
2 DUI and I want to join the french leigon. They will take me but I have to get out of the country. I know ill violate but I dont ever plan on coming back. But I was curious to know the possibility of them catching me before I get out of the country? Do they run my social and see im on probation?
Don't be stupid. You will eventually be caught and completely regret your decision. You are going to treatment for a...