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When I was arrested for my duid the officer never took my license. Do I have to file a SR.-22 and pay?
This is my first offense with any kind of drugs. My first Dui. I was sleeping in my truck and they woke me up and I freaked out, started my truck up and ran into a bush. I came to when they had me cuffed on the ground. They told me that's what I had done. Then they took me in for a blood test, I didn't refuse. I was very compliant with the arresting officer after the scene of course.
First of all, you should speak with a DUI attorney for a free consultation. You should be able to find a lawyer on...
I blew a .066 but chp added .o2 due to an hour had lapsed and charged me with a dui. Can I beat it?
I was in a car accident and it took chp a little over an hour to get there. I performed several field tests and blew .066 but said due to the time lapse they had to add .02 which put me over the legal limit and I was arrested and charged with misdemeanor dui. I have never heard such a thing, but this is also my first dui. Is there cause to fight for it to be completely dropped with a good lawyer?
That's ridiculous. How did he know if you were going up or coming down? What did you say? (Don't answer that here,...
Can I still reduce my felony DUI to a misdemeanor if I had probation violations?
I got a felony DUI back in 2002, with no injuries or accident. I was sentenced to 5 years of felony probation. While on probation, I had a couple of violations and my probation was revoked and then reinstated to a probation called drug court, which I successfully completed in 2007. Since then, I have had no contact with law-enforcement and am a law-abiding citizen.
Legally speaking, yes you can, however, the judge will likely use the probation violations as a reason to deny the...
What is going to happen to my driving privledges
1 month away from 21 got cited for a bac while driving of 0.01 percent
Well, maybe nothing at all. Reserve a DMV hearing and fight it. Your driving privileges could be suspended for a year....
Im on prop 36 probation and i got a dui use of meth. will i get jail time or more treatment?????
ive been on probation a little over two years now havent gone in front of a judge yet but i have givin dirtyus to my probation officer
The law is geared to giving the person in treatment repeated chances---but not unlimited. You have some specific legal...
In a dui case can i file a motion to set aside if i believe i was pulled over without reasonalbe suspicion
pulled over because officer sayes he was unable to read my license plate number because the frame was in the way, yet wrote me up for failure to stop at a stop sign i have a witness that was with me who can testify that i did indeed stop at stop sign. wasnt drunk it was for dwid
If the stop was illegal, then yes, any evidence that the officer collected as a result of the stop is likely inadmissible.
Will A DUI 15 years ago disqualify me from getting a job with the DMV?
I am taking the state exam for a job at the DMV. I got a DUI 15 years ago. Will that disqualify me from getting a job at the DMV?
Interesting question. I'd certainly advise you to get it expunged, if you haven't already. It might be a good idea to...