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What would be the charge for having a DUI in Montana
What would be the charge for getting a DUI in Montana having a bracelet put on to be let out of jail to go home for Christmas cut off bracelet and flee the state got picked up in a different state extradited back to Montana what would be the charges
Moving question to criminal defense category to get answers from local lawyers.
How long can police keep a wired buy and use it to charge u with distribution of drugs?
concerned that if someone was caught video audio doing drug deal at one time it could come up years later
This is a criminal not a DUI issue. Repost in correct area of law.
What punishment should I expect for a misdemanor DUI charge?
Got arrested this past Monday for a DUI of excess to 0.04 was just wondering what fines I have to look forward too. This is my first ever offense and time ever pulled over and I was very cooperative with the officers who arrested me.
You should immediately hire an attorney. In most states, first-time DUI"s carry a penalty of up to six (6) months in...
Do I get tested the same day I fill out my pre trial registration paperwork an etc?
Do they test my urine the same day that I register into pretrial level 2 random testing for alcohol an drugs? If so what if i fail my drug test? Will they put me directly back in jail at that time? seeing it's my very first time going through this kind of stuff I would hope not because I may be dirty to be completely honest. So I'm nervous to go register after work.
No clue, expect that they will....................................
Will I get a dui?
I was in an accident after drinking two beers. I was not suspected of drinking on the scene and no sobriety tests were performed. I was released to hospital where blood and urine tests were taken. Will the police investigate these and will I get a dui?
Maybe. We're lawyers, not psychics. If you do get contacted by law enforcment, exercise your right to remain silent...
What can I do about a drug patch that they said was positive and I know I was sober!
I have a cps case and yes I did try a molly pill and I did fail my first drug test. I have since then done the drug patch and done everything they have asked me to. I first patch showed a level of 190 and my second patch 44 then somehow my third patch was 220!!! And my fourth patch was negitive no sign of drugs at all! On Friday we got permission for my grandmother to move out of my home and I could be alone with my daughter. Then Monday I get a call with them trying to remove my daughter and accussing me of using. My worker sat their and called me a liar to my face and said if I wasn't lying my next patch after the dirty one should be back down under the 44 level and it showed completely clean but they still don't believe me. I even went in and did an additional drug test. What do I do! I do not use drugs and I know something is off or wrong because there is no way there was drugs in my system! Please help!
You should be careful about not admitting things like that online, and should only discus with your attorney. If you...
Can I sue a bar that knowingly served me too much and gave me a to go drink knowing I was driving home and resulted in my dui?
I was working and you get a shift shot for each 4+ hr shift you work. I've had problems with alcoholoism before and they knew that. It was a particularly long hard day at work and I had at least 3 double black velvet and cokes and I asked for another to go and they gave it to me. I drove about 4 miles to another bar to meet a friend and I got another bv & coke double to go and a 6 pack of mikes hard peach. My friend who was not drunk drove for a few more miles but missed a turn and didn't know where we were going so I took over and drove again. After we left our last stop I was driving ok until I took a corner too fast and had a head on with a bridge and totalled my mustang I had just bought and she got a concussion. We were both wearing seatbelts and airbags deployed. I blew a .18 and didn't have insurance. Are either bars responsible for serving me too much and giving an open container to go to a driver? I had a learners permit but not a license and my friend is over 18 and had her license (the one who was my passenger and had a concussion)
I'm going to change the category of your answer to personal injury so someone can better assist you. But I would say no.