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What should I expect on my court date? Will a DUI charge be added during court for the smell? Will I loose my license ?
I was pulled over for a headlight that was out and when the police officer came to the window he smelled marijuana. He asked if anything was in the car and I told him I had a bowl in the side door. He then asked me to step out and began to search the vehicle. He didnt find anything else and I was charged with a misdemeanor for drug paraphernalia. I am located in PA. He also found 11 used game cigarillo wraps in the side door and took them as evidence.
You should hire a lawyer to represent you for these charges. You won't have a DUI charge added because the officer...
This is my first DUI.My blood test came back a 0.9%.At my preliminary hearing ,The Magistrate wants to give me ARD.
I do not want ARD,because what I've read up on,that in the state of PA I get no license suspension,and 6 months probation.I will never drive again with any alcohol in my system.I really did have two beers.I am a 57 year old woman.I am on disability,and only make 800.00 a month.I don't care if it remains on my record,because it will NEVER happen again.So do I have to take it.And what are the ramifications if I don't. Also there was no accident involved nor was any one with me.My headlights where not working correctly,turned out to me a loose wire.I was on a well lit highway and just wanted to get home.This particular highway is very dangerous to pull over on the shoulder,Many people were hit by doing this.That's why I was pulled over by the state police.After I turn off my exit to get home
You should hire an attorney to attempt to help you amend this charge down. Local attorneys may know of ways to help...
Can I leave the country on unsecured bail?
I got a DUI and the judge put me on unsecured bail. The conditions are that I am not to consume alcohol/drugs and submit to random drug tests. My trial is the 21st and I plan to leave the 27th. Will I be able to go?
Do you mean that your preliminary hearing is on the 21st of this month? If so then there should be no reason preventing...
How do i get a 1650 wavier package
7 years ago I got a DUI in California. i was visting from canada. I now am trying to move to the USA Pa. and I can not get a Penn license because of the DUI 7 years ago. I was told to get a 1650 package
The 1650 waiver packet is for lifting California DMV holds related to the failure to complete a DMV-approved alcohol...
I want to apply for my citizenship. Will dui first offense will I be affected
I was arrested for dui in Pennsylvania which I have been enrolled for ARD programme
To apply for Naturalization, you need to establish that you are of "Good Moral Character." Clearly, if this is a first...
Can you change the court date for a DUI in PA because you don't have the amount of money you'll be fine for?
I got a DUI (first time offender) and my court date is next Wednesday. I was told that I could have up a fine of up to $1000 due the day of my court appearance. I don't have that amount of money and would like to change the court date. Unless there are other options, such as a payment plan available. I'm trying to avoid being sent to prison for not having the money.
You should consult with an attorney.
How do I answer a question on an application
I had 2 DUI's 7 years ago. the court put it as two first offenses. I also was arrested for possession and paraphernalia 10 years ago. I don't know what to write on my application for a job.
You were convicted of misdemeanors so if the application asks that you have to say yes.