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  • Azle man receives 45 year sentences

    Monday Jun 1 | via Star-Telegram.com 

    A Parker County jury convicted an Azle man of two aggravated assault of a public servant cases, evading arrest with a vehicle, and felon in possession of a firearm and handed down sentences of 45, 45, 35, and 27 years in prison, respectively, in a trial that concluded in district court in Weatherford on Friday. On January 14, 2014, a White Settlement Police Officer attempted to pull over Derek Kyle Auvenshine, 34, as he drove his car in Tarrant County.


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White Settlement Law

My son-in-law was arrested and charged with DUI/child endangerment under 15. Bond was set on a Sun. at 30,000.
They released him the next day. Daughter said blood results showed no drugs. Is this possible? Wouldn't blood tests take longer? Is it possible my daughter was lying and she probably bailed him out.
I don't see a relationship between bond/bail and a statement about blood tests. Logically, you can have one without...
Is 2 years wearing scram too long?
I just got home from court today and my court appoint lawyer made a offer and one of them was 2 years wearing scram. I have severe asthma and cant blow thru interlock to get car to start. I asked several people who has DWI 2nd, 3rd, some 4th told me I am getting screwed by wearing scram for 2 years.
I hate when clients compare cases. Rarely are the comparisons fair. The cases are rarely alike or the judges or...
I got arrested for driving with a suspended license
I was sentenced to deferred ajudication last year in November for a class b theft misdemeanor. I have completed all the terms of my probation and I'm up to date on my payments. No dirty UA'S. I was recently arrested for dwsl while on my way to work. My probation officer said he put a note on my file not to revoke my probation, but instead continue me on it. Will the judge send me to jail for violating with a traffic offense? I was sentenced to a year of probation. (Harris county)
Your p.o. will have to report the violation to the court. The judge will make a decision on whether or not a motion to...
Avg.cost of dwi Att. in Texas (3rd offence) Was told 3 different reasons for stop an location of offence,3 different patrolmen.
went to area lake for dinner an few drinks with friend.Entering back into town stopped at a Allsups convience store for tobacco.A highway patrol,2 city patrol cars,and fire truck went by with sirens.Mile up road decided to stop for bread at Walmart and they ran up behind me with sirens/lights on.I started to go on ahead then decided to get out of way an pulled into Walmart.Was arrested for 3rd offence dwi.Was told by 1 there was a call in on intoxicated driver out on hwy.By another that Allsups had called me in for being intoxicated( I know they did not) and by another that I crossed the turn in lane line before turning into Walmart.All 3 followed me into Walmart parking lot.After bonding out nxt.day 30 min.'s after release,was stopped again by arresting officer and checked for DWI.9/2012
Since attorneys don't usually publish their fees, this question cannot be answered. You should interview several...
I am being charged with a 2nd d.w.I but my b.a.c was 0.03 so now my lawyer wants me plea for obstruction of highway
I have 4 felonies 2 evading arrest in a mote vehicle an aggravated assault w/deadly weapon burglary of habitat and I've been to prision
This doesn't sound like a question, but it sounds like your attorney is having you plea to a lesser traffic offense...
Second failed UA, already did 3.5 months for first violation, what comes next? Willing to take the conviction at this point
I'm on felony probation for PCS and I recently failed a UA for the second time. The first time I had to complete a 3+ month ISF incarceration at an East Texas treatment facilty. What should I be expecting this time around? After completing inpatient rehab, all drug classes and doing 4 months behind bars on this this one and only charge, I just want this to end and I'm willing to take the felony conviction. Is this even possible at this point and how? Also, if it comes to a conviction and I'm looking at doing more time, does the 3.5 months I did locked up at state treatment facilty count towards the final jail time?
In fact, you may have no choice but to see your probation revoked and sit out your time. When you are offered...
Boyfriend blew a 0.00 for the breathalyzer, voluntarily took blood test because he doesnt do drugs but his field sobriety test..
If the blood test was to come back negative what would the next steps be? Does the case become dismissed or will charges still be filed?
It will likely be automatically dismissed so long as he also didn't have drugs in his system.