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Tox level for driving on meth / dui
my brother was on meth driving hit some one. some one died
There is no specific level whereby someone is presumed affected by meth, but one is presumed impaired by alcohol at 0....
How long can charges stay active on a DUI?
I got charged while in prison in 2009. Want to get license back but now suddenly when I paid off all my tickets now this charge is holding it.
The statute of limitations was put on hold when they filed the charge. The charge can remain there forever, waiting...
How, after getting a DUI, can I be allowed back into Canada?
The DUI occurred a year or more ago in Pennsylvania . It is the only DUI I've had. What can I do to be able to regularly travel to Canada?
If you are an American Citizen you will have some problems. You really need to talk to an immigration lawyer or,...
How long does the city have to file charges after being arrested for DUI? When will I receive the bail money if not charged?
I was arrested for a DUI even though I passed the breathalyzer test and all other field sobriety tests. The officer had given me my keys and let me get back in the car. However, she comes back to my window and asks if I smoked weed at all today? I replied yes but a lot earlier in the day. She then told me to "get out of the car, I'm under arrest. " I was taken to jail and my girlfriend came and paid the full bail amount in cash to the court. It's been almost a month and I still haven't received a notice for a court date, & when I called the court they said there hasn't been any court date filed.
Your girlfriend should be getting the bail money back since charges were not filed. On a DUI a prosecutor has 2 years...
How can someone hit a parked car be drunk have a suspended license and not go to jail.
My sister hit a parked car was drunk has a suspended license and the cops brought her home not jail why?
Maybe the jail was full? Maybe there was a blood test that needed to be done prior to charging? Does she have an...
How do I get in touch with free legal advise in Montana on a dui charge -or do I need to ?
5 years ago I got a dui in Livingston mt ,- I had to leave the state because of severe medical reasons and was not able to take care of the charge , I want to get my license back here in Washington state ,but I have to satisfy the state by going thru what they refer to as the (act ) program their ( mt ),-well I live here ,is their a program here in Washington that they (mt) would recognize when completed and accept so I can reinstate my license their thru the mail and then pursue my license here , who would I contact here that provides that program?,- thank you very much ,-Robert
What you are seeking is likely difficult, but not impossible. You need to coordinate with a treatment place in MT and...
On differed Prosecution for DUI. I caught 3 DUI's in 2010, and the 3rd is differed. Will I be violated for a recent speeding tkt
Recently got a speeding ticket and I believe driving while revoked. Again my 3rd DUI was differed in 2011, Does this constitute as a probation violation?
The speeding ticket probably doesn't, but the driving while revoked almost certainly does count as a probation...