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I have to keep the interlock for one year I was sentenced on 4/19/2016
I didn't drive for the whole year .can I apply now for a license without any Restriccions. Thank you. J.m.
It's impossible to determine based on your question how long your driving privileges were revoked for but that would...
Is there a chance to have an ignition-interlock device/IID removed after 6 months instead of waiting the full 12 months, in NY?
I was sentenced as a first time offender (of ANY type of moving violation or crime) to a DWI with conditional discharge in NY. I refused to "blow" so I received an automatic 12 month revocation from the DMV. In criminal court I received a direction to install and maintain an IID in my vehicle for 12 months. I have also received a conditional license (thankfully). I have had my IID for 6 months with zero (0) issues related to failed breath tests. I would like to know if there is a realistic chance to have my IID "sentence" shortened by hiring an attorney to petition the court? If there is a chance at winning, how much is a reasonable fee to pay for this? In other words - would a petition like this be in the $1k range, the $2.5k range or above $5k? I am in a small municipality.
Yes. I just got the interlock removed for a client in Nassau County after 6 months.
Can I sue for defamation of character
I went for a drug screening... and was accused of taking Adderall... I had a script for it but I had to wait 72 hours for CVS to mail my prescription history... she wanted it immediately and refuse to talk to my doctor... she tested me positive I lost my job and a great reputation... and recommended a rehabilitation center.... the script was older but I didn't use all the time. The script also says use as needed
What was the false statement and who was it made to?
Possible non-jail sentence for dwi probation violation in Westchester county?
I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with Westchester county court and house arrest/weekend jail? Judge Susan Cacace specifically maybe. Non-violent DWI probation violation.
Are you seeking counselling about which judge does what?? Ask your attorney.
What state DMVs will a NY DWAI - drug conviction be reported to?
A few months ago I pled guilty to a DWAI drugs in NY. I was a CT resident and licensed in CT @ the time. I just moved to FL. Ironically the same day I arrived here, a letter from the CT DMV was sent to my CT address advising me that my CT driving privileges will be suspended in a couple of wks. If I were to obtain a FL license and no longer hold a CT license, will my FL license eventually be suspended? ALSO, should I have to have an interlock device installed in my car for the CT DMV if it was a drug conviction and no alcohol was involved?
You may want to re-post this question in the Florida DUI forum. I am not a Florida Attorney but I believe Florida is...
I have an outstanding Bench Warrant from 1997 for DUI and unsafe backing how can do I resolve this?
My goal is to do this by not having to return to New York, please advise.
there is no way to resolve it without you personally appearing
I have a DWI form 17 years ago with an Unsafe Backing Ticket I failed to appear and have a Warrant for my Arrest.
What I am I looking at in the way of fines and Penalties, too include possible Jail Time?
Yes, possible jail time. You've been a fugitive for 17 years... the court doesn't appreciate that... however, there...