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Will WV suspend drivers license if the DUI occurred in PA, and the ARD program is granted and completed successfully?
I am a WV license holder, and got a DUI in PA. My lawyer thinks I will be eligible for the ARD program, which to my understanding is not a conviction, however there will be a 60 day suspension of driving privileges in PA. My license is not due to renew until 2020. My question is will WV catch wind of the situation and suspend my license, even though it is technically not a conviction?
Since you were not convicted of DUI, your WV driver's license will be unaffected.
DUI erroneously reported from another state, do we let it go, fight it or try for interlock
My son is a WV resident, he was pulled over in Ohio they requested a urine sample. After 3 separate court dates for continuance (because the urine results were not back yet) my son finally pled no contest per his public defenders advise. In Ohio, if your urine is positive for more than 10 nano grams of marijuana it is considered OVI regardless of if he was impaired at the time. He knew it would be positive, even though his actual results were not back yet. Yesterday we received notice from WV that his license are suspended for 90 days because of a DUI in Ohio of less than .15. I spoke with WV DMV today they said that Ohio reported it as an alcohol DUI even though there was no alcohol it was marijuana. Do we accept the alcohol charge and try for the interlock program which will grant him driving privileges, or do we fight this since it is not true that it was alcohol related. My problem with fighting it for a drug related then there are no driving privileges granted until the 90 days suspension is fulfilled. Is there a possibility we could get the whole suspension "thrown out" for WV being that it was erroneously reported as alcohol when in fact there was no alcohol involved?
You should speak with experienced DUI lawyers from OH and WV to figure out your best chances, since DUI laws are state...
I got an underage consumption citations last Nov. I blew .16. Is it better to pay the fines to get it expunged or go to court?
20 of my classmates from my University were also given citations and do not know what whether it is better to pay the processing fees or to do community service/ other options in order to get it expunged faster.
There are benefits to both approaches. I think you would be best served to avoid the conviction and expungement...
Can i get a cdl after 2nd offense dui in ohio as a wv resident since i was only a cdl permit holder
i recieved second offense dui in oh but live in wv and had only a cdl ''permit'',can i ever get a cdl now? charges have already been applied as well
Are you speaking of a commercial driver's license? With DUIs on your record, probably not.
I'm charged with 3rd offense driving on suspended for DUI, how likely am I to receive alternative sentencing other than prison?
My lawyer and the state wants me too waive right to trial and hope the circuit court judge is lenient on sentencing, the state offers to remain silent at sentencing. I'm trying to see what my chances are of getting home confinement or a treatment program might be.
Since you have an attorney already, no one else should be answering this question. Your desire to get treatment is...
PA license with a DUI in WV. Will I lose my license?
I have a PA license and was in WV driving and got my DUI. Blew a .161 My court date is coming up for the criminal part. What will be the consequences in PA and in WV?
PA does not take action on a first offense out of state on a standard civilian license. -with no prior convictions. /s/...
Can i enter the deferral program following completion of dui classes, which i have completed?
the dui occurred in July of 2011 and i have a current valid interlock license.
In WV, you must apply for the DUI deferral program within 30 days of your arrest. I recommend that you contact an...