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  • Sledding teenager struck, killed by motorist ina

    Saturday Jan 23 | via News Herald 

    Sledding teenager struck, killed by motorist in southern Ohio WHEELERSBURG, Ohio - A southern Ohio teenager was killed in a sledding accident just after 10 p.m. Friday. Check out this story on portclintonnewsherald.com: http://cin.ci/1RFunIK The teen, identified as Ethan Pauley, 18, of Wheelersburg, was being towed on a sled behind an all-terrain vehicle on a main thoroughfare of the Scioto County community when he was struck by a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.


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Got a dui 3 years ago in ohio and got a job offer in Louisiana is it possible to go through the steps of getting my licence bac
lisence is currently suspended
You don't say how many DUIs you have had or what the suspension is. If you have not paid the reinstatement fee to the...
What type of lawyer do i need?
overturned the car.as a result my friend and i were both unconscious and she died from suffocation i was charged for vehicular homicide paid a wealthy fine suspended liscense for 2 3yrs and 3 yrs probation 90 days house arrest and was ordered to pay the mother restitution for the funeral.the mother then sued her insurance company for $115,000 for funeral and hospital costs because i had no insurance.now the insurance company want me to pay them the money back and have put a hold on my liscence again when i was to receive them back this month and i was wondering what should i do i HAVE ALREADY BEEN CHARGED TRIED AND CONVICTED FOR MY CRIME and according to all of this i have to pay the mother twice for the funeral and have my liscense take twice should i get a lawyer and what type of lawyer
It sounds like retaining an attorney would be beneficial to you. As to what type of attorney to hire, I would imagine a...
I live in Ohio, I had a DUI in 1998, a felony(theft) in 2001, is there anyway i can get my record expunged?
ive tried to get a hearing but they're saying im wasting my time because ohio just dont do this. I know of a person that was in the same situation as me, same judge, but she was white (and I'm black) and she got hers expunged
Find pout from the Clerek of Courts who "HER" Lawyer was and make an appointment to talk with him.
Do you think I should take the deal from DUI to physical control?
I am an international student in Cleveland I was convicted with DUI on January 1st in Columbus so after the 2nd court trail we have a deal of 'physical control' and three day class for non alcoholic related, we kept the deal on table and trying the jury trail on March 26th so do you think I need to take the deal or fight back till it goes off record. I want to know in a long run if I want to change my visa From F1 to H1 in future would affect it or in my employement.
I cannot speak to the immigration issues. It sounds like you may have an attorney for the DUI. That is the attorney...
How many vials of blood are required to be drawn in an OVI blood draw?
I was arrested for OVI on 9/4/15 and the officer offered me a blood, breath or urine sample, and I chose to provide a blood sample. The officer took me to the hospital where the nurse drew ONE vial of blood, the officer put it in an evidence bag and we left. He cited me for OVI and then released me. He received the results on 10/13/15 and he filed charges on 10/14/15. How can I possible obtain an untainted sample? There is only one vile of blood, and the crime lab had to use it to test it. Shouldn't the officer have directed the nurse to draw 2 vials of blood so that one vile was preserved for the defense? is there enough prejudice to have the results thrown out?
As long as the original vile has been preserved, you can still require independent testing. There are strict...
In OHIO when is a person considered under "arrest"?
I was pulled over for OVI and the officer made me do field sobriety tests, then put me in cuffs, took me back to the police station. He read the BMV 2255 form that stated I was under arrest, and made me submit to a breathalyzer. He released me to my family shortly after. Was I under arrest under Ohio law?
Whether you are under arrest depends on the circumstances. The actual question you should ask is "were you in custody?"...
Is it possible to file with the court to get my license back before the suspension is up? How do I start the process?
In 2012 I plead guilty to my 3rd DUI. Had a public defender at the time with no DUI experience. Although I was less then a mile from home, did not wreck, cause any harm to others and fully cooperated with the officers (same for the other cases). The judge gave a a 10 year suspension and I am not allowed to have a car titled in my name either. I went through all of the rehabilitation, completed probation without an incident and have continued to stay on the right path since. However, my job is starting to require mandatory overtime and it is causing an issue for me since the bus I ride doesn't allow a change in my hours.
The best move would be to hire an attorney to file a motion for occupational driving privileges. If granted, the judge...