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What will happen to a person if they are pulled over for speeding and arrested for under-age drunk driving?
This lady also had two minors in the back seat, no seat belts or car-seats and open alcohol container.
This question has already been asked and answered. You should contact a local attorney.
If I ditched my car to avoid dui charges, will I ensue other charges if I go pick my vehicle up?
I got my car stuck in a ditch and I had to ditch my car because I had a few drinks before the happening. It was towed to a storage and towing facility.
It is possible that you may face charges of leaving the scene of an accident, if you admit to driving, but that is...
Can I fight this DUI?
I got pulled over for no light on my license plate. Officer asked me to step out of car and asked if I'd been drinking... I said I had a couple of drinks earlier (around 3pm this was 1:30am) he said since it's a bar night I'm going to do an eye test. Did that, never made me blow test. Gave me a DUI and let me get a ride home. I am under 21 but how can he prove I was under the influence when I wasn't pulled over for any type of impaired driving...
You can absolutely fight this case. The eye test he gave you was likely the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. It is one...
How can I be charged with a Dwi and accused of being arrested without. Knowledge?
On Feb 5... I was in a car accident. I went to the hospital after the wreck and was Released a couple of days later. This month there was a warrant for my arrest for a Dwi. This was issued at the scene also says I was arressted. I was in the hospital??? Also no alcohol was found in my blood or urine. I'm very confused. Can I beat this charge?
You were charged for a DWI the date of the wreck and now there is a warrant. Drugs could of been found in your blood....
I need a DWI attorney!
The attorney that I previously had was never showing up for coyrt and when he did he would always reset! And would call me in between resets and add more fees after he was paid for his services! He never let me know what was going on with my case and now he has withdrawn and I have to go to court in a week! I need help!
Retagging - you should use the Avvo "Find a Lawyer" tool to get an attorney. Best Wishes!
I got a DWI/POM I was not drunk and was not on marijuana but I was on synthetic marijuana can blood work show the synthetic
They did not see me smoking but they found the blunt on the floor of my car. My bond paper work just shows a DWI and nothin else. Can my blood work show the synthetic marijuana. And if dose not show up in my blood work will they drop all charges against me. I did not do good on my field sub. But I told them I was nervous
If they found the blunt in your car, that will suffice to charge you for possession. they may be waiting on a lab...
Pulled over and arrested for DWI in Carrollton, Tx.
Police officer followed me from a Race Trac parking lot, because I was looking down while sitting in car. Thought I was doing something illegal. He follows me for about a mile. I come to a red light that was turning green and rolled over white line to take right turn. He pulled me over, searched vehicle, no drugs or empty alcohol containers. Sobriety tests performed, had a broken foot, 32 degrees outside and asks me to remove my house slippers. Performed test on slanted surface at same time suffering from severe anxiety attack and diabetic. Took breathalyzer and read .10 and was arrested. Refused blood test on site, but at police station they drew blood and test was .07. Should I obtain an attorney who specializes in medical conditions and falsely accused DUI's?
Absolutely, there are some legal issues there that need to be addressed with a defense attorney.