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- DUI has been Dismissed - Won Statutory Summary Suspension on the grounds of no evidence of intoxication - Currently on conditonal discharge for speeding ticket
It is hard to say, because it depends on the check. Once your information has been entered into a private database, it...
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A person may apply for an RDP to drive during a suspension; however, certain suspensions may not allow for an RDP.
I don't have a lawyer and am representing myself in a judicial review to have the suspension rescinded. Any advice?
Best advice - Hire a lawyer.
I got my reinstatement denied because my reported drinking history didn't match up with my significant risk eval. and 2 DUI arrests. Basically, I downplayed my history in the first eval. because I thought it would improve my chances at a reduction to reckless driving, and then I figured I'd better stick with my story in the update eval. and informal hearing, or they'd deny me for inconsistency. I plan to see a lawyer before I have my next hearing, but I'm looking for work right now, and would rather wait until I have a job before I hire a lawyer. Is there any reason to consult a lawyer before my denial response appointment? I'm just going to tell the truth. Is there anything I should know before seeing my evaluator for a denial response? Thanks
Talk to an attorney who handles reinstatement hearings ASAP. Everything you say and do now will follow you through the...
its a dui case i pleaded not guilty didnt show up to court, warrant was issued and now the warrant was served and i went to court twice and they said the bond was reinstated wat does that mean the PD said i should get my lisense again
They have vacated the bond forfeiture conviction. You may be able to get them back temporarily but you still have to...
1st DUI arrest: '05, (.11 BAC) given supervision and the SSS was thrown out. 2nd DUI arrest in '12 (.12) resulting in conviction, SSS was not thrown out. I eval'd as Sig. Risk, did all my classes etc. My problem is I really low-balled my history of use and the denial letter said that's why I was denied. I have to get a written explanation from my evaluator before the next hearing. What is the Sec of State looking for? Should I just come clean to my evaluator and then again at the hearing (3-4 drinks per day versus the couple times a month i claimed at first) or should I just get a new eval before the hearing? What are the consequences of having lied and what will the Sec of State likely want me to do? More classes? Waiting period? Will I need a BAIID for an RDP in my case?
COME CLEAN. That's what I would have told you had you hired me before the denial and you would have your permit by now...
First time DUI - Refuse to blow (Now I know bad idea) Understand that MDDP is a mandatory 30 day no-way-driving. How would one go about getting a hardship/restricted/occupational?
From the judge, if at all. Hire a lawyer that has expertise in handling DUI cases.