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Is a DWI non alcoholic a felony in the state of NJ
Just finished a long legal ordeal and I plead to a DWI. I got 7 months suspension finished my idrc but on the last day of idrc one of the older ladies lecturing said a marijuana DUI is a felony unlike an alcoholic related one here. My lawyer said the opposite back when we were working on my case. I'm worried. Situation related was my case which is why I'm serving 7 months.
DWI is a traffic offense under title 39 (Moving Violations). New Jersey does not even use the term felony.
Will my license be suspended with a DUI?
I had gotten pulled over while coming home after drinking wine at a friends house for following too close to another vehicle. I felt ok however, I failed the sobriety test. Agreed to the breathalyzer test and blew at .14. I was also pelted with 3 other tickets. Reckless driving, (even though I am positive I was not) operating under the influence and traffic on marked lines. I have a job where I commute to 25 min a day. I also will most likely be starting a new job in the next few weeks. I'm aware that I will have many fines however, is there any way I will not have my license suspended?
If you are convicted of DUI, you must lose your license. The only way to avoid a license suspension is to meet with a...
I had an accident while I was asleep from taking Ambien (Zolpidem) when I woke up I looked at my car and found it damaged.
I am loosing my memory, I cooked under the influence of Ambien and didn't remember anything aside from finding my food cooked, while nobody else lives with me. I drove to a store and I damaged my car. I realized it when I've seen the damage. I remember like it was a dream. I was prescribed the Zolpidem (generic for Ambien) by a doctor for the past year. The sleep driving, the loss of memory and the sleep walking started about March of 2016. I am still being prescribed this drug which is very dangerous. I could have killed someone while driving under the influence of this drug. It has to be stopped from being prescribed. It's like giving someone a gun.
This isn't really a question. However, you should be aware that you can be charged with driving under the influence...
I was charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia in New Jersey. Will I be drug tested on my court date?
And what are the standard charges an 18 year old who has never gotten in any trouble ever will receive.
Generally your not tested in court, the test will come after any conviction. As for penalties up to 180 days in jail...
Can I avoid Jail time and a lesser sentence for a 3rd DWI with times in between in New Jersey
So I am 31 years of age and my first DWI was when I was 19 , my second DWI was when I was 22, and my third DWI was when I was 31. I just got arrested this last weds. A little backround is I am an alcoholic. I got sober when I was 22 and was sober for almost 9 years. This May I started drinking again and on July 20th in the AM I got a DWI. I don't think the 10 year rules apply since between my second dwi and my 3rd there were only 9 years. Live was so much better sober that when this happened I realized my experiement to try to moderate my drinking isn't going to happen so I checked my self into a rehab in California. I have a court date on 8/2/16 in a town in morris county NJ. I want to get sober and I know if I don't stay sober something like this or worse is just going to happen to me again and or I can hurt someone by driving and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that happened. I am having trouble finding an atty because everyone is either trying to underpromise and over deliver but its hard to get a straight anyswer from interviewing them. I want to find an ATTy that will explore every possible angle and fight.
Please do whatever you can work on your sobriety. You are correct that you seem to fall short of the 10 year step down....
My question is if I do go down to the DMV and they do end up restoring my license could there be ramifications down the line?
I was convicted of a 2nd offence DUI in NJ. I've fulfilled all my court mandated community service, IDRC, alcohol screenings etc. After fulfilling my 2yr suspension I received a letter from the DMV stating that my driving privilege was restored. There was no mention of the interlock install that is mandatory for a 2nd offence DUI. I also called the DMV and they have no record of a court ordered interlock installation/limitation in my records.
Talk to the attorney that handled your 2nd DUI offense. There are risks of later ramifications. Good luck.
I surrendered my NJ DL TO FLORIDA two years ago and I am operating under a FLORIDA DL; should NJ DUI be on my NJ or FL DL?
I recently received a DUI in NJ. I had 3 previous DUI's in NJ. I am a Florida resident with a Florida driver license. I use to reside in NJ and surrendered my NJ DRIVERS LICENSE to FLORIDA two years ago. NJ is saying my NJ LICENCE was ACTIVE at time of DUI even though I surrendred it to Florida and have a current Florida DL. NJ is charging me with a THIRD DUI on my NJ DL that has a 6 month MANDATORY JAIL sentence attached to a third DUI in NJ. I previously received my DUI's in NJ in 1994, 1996 and 2001. My argument is being a surrendered my NJ DL to FLORIDA two years ago and have been living and working in Florida the last two years; NJ should be charging me with a FIRST DUI on my FLORIDA DL and report it to FLORIDA. As far as my NJ DL being ACTIVE at time of incident; that is not my fault as I physically surrendered my NJ DL to FLORIDA two years ago when I moved to Florida and registered my car in Florida.
You do not get to wash away your prior offenses by getting a Florida license. NJ and Florida are signatories to the...