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Selling a car in PA
I used to live in Wexford, PA. One year ago, I moved to Asia for 6 months to teach English. But, now, I am staying for 2 years. I left my car in my friend's garage. When I left the US, GEICO told me to keep paying insurance, and get a "not driving" refund after returning. This was cheaper. I left some money in a bank account back in PA, set up auto-pay and forgot about the whole thing. When my policy auto-renewed 3 months after I left, they had raised the rate heavily. Soon, my bank account had run out. GEICO automatically canceled insurance. I suspect PennDOT may have canceled my car registration. I found put all this only today. My friend is now moving. I need to sell the car, while still in Asia. How do I do this? I have the title to the car, no liens. No one's driven it for an year.
Easiest way is to use a service like cars.com or similar "we buy cars" site. I believe it will be tough to sell to an...
My son was cited with underage drinking. He was a a school function and the police took him to the station, asked him questions
contacted me and asked him to perform a breath test; he refused. There is not other evidence. They gave him the citation at the police station. I thought police weren't allowed to arrest you for underage unless you were a danger to yourself or others. He was completely fine. What should I do about the arrest if it was illegal.
You should contact a local criminal defense attorney to review you son's case and explore your options. Most offer no...
Can i still be charged with DUI
I was in a single car accident tilting my car on its side completely. I was taken to the hospital where they did a CT scan and drew my blood. They didnt tell me the reason for drawing blood but i assume for alcohol. I was drinking a little earlier that night which was on Jan 14TH. The police officer took my Drivers License in the midst of everything and released me from hospital to go home. Before i left hospital, i belueve i heard officer say i was being charged and will receive paper in mail, but uncertain if i heard correctly. A couple days later i went to police station to pick up my license. If i got my license back, does that mean i wont be charged with DUI?. Or is it still a possibility?
Getting your license back has nothing to do with being charged with a DUI. When the result come back you may be charged....
What will I be faced with after my DUI?
The only other similar offense I made was >8 years ago when my DUI was knocked down to a physical control. This time I was driving with a broken taillight, pulled over, passed the active field sobriety test, but failed the breathalyzer test with the highest BAC level (c).
Assuming no other DWI/DUI where you were convicted of that offense, this should be prosecuted as DWI #1. However, from...
What should I expect now? DUI
I was driving on Christmas Day, at night, on the way to pick up my husband from work. I had a police officer come right up on my car, and pull me over. He was IMMEDIATELY persistent that I was under the influence. I haven't drank in 4 years, and I haven't had any drugs in my system for well over a year. I told him I had nerve damage and have bad balance, and such I failed the old toe to heel walk and was given a blood test. I was then released and went on my merry way (with someone else driving my car, which was not towed, thankfully) after being driven back to my car by the officer. I am on 2 medications (methadone and Elavil) but have been on them long enough that I am very well adjusted (13 months & 12 years respectively) and am not impaired when I take it. What should I expect from here?
You should expect to receive paperwork in the mail with charges for DUI. You should contact a DUI attorney for a...
I spoke with my lawyer today and he told me that there is no DUI refusal form filled out. Can you win a case because of that
I got in an accident and I am being accused of a DUI refusal. I spoke with my lawyer and he told me there is no DUI refusal form the formal arraignment paperwork. What does that mean can you explain it in detail a little bit better.
Law is not medicine. You have an attorney and an attorney client relationship with him. He is the only lawyer to whom...
Can i be charged with DUI while on my suboxone ?
Im being charged with Dui , careless driving,driving at 72/55, and for not having a nice inspection ticket. I take 2 8mg philms a day.It says use care when operating a vehicle on my suboxone prescription. They took blood test and it came back as 1. Buporphen and .9 norbuprenorphine as my results. There were other cars in front of me but they kept slowing down so I went to pass them and got pulled over when I did. He said he clocked me at 72 on the speedometer but there were 2 other cars in front of me and 1 behind me. It was just asfree I left Pittsburgh
You will and should be charged with driving while impaired. The amount of medication in your body qualifies for an...