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Once conviceted of dui/apc can i have the case reviewed later on and possibly over turned after finding a technicality issue?
i was told to take a breathalyzer, but not sure if the video is still available at the police station to show and hear the officer tell me i had to.
IF you have already been convicted, the court will not look at new evidence now. Did you have a lawyer when you were...
Friend wrecked car and got DWI, will insurance pay for damages
We are from Ok. and got arrested in Tx. I was with him and got a public intox. charge, no one was injured and only my car was damaged. I have full coverage
This depends upon your insurance policy. An insurance policy is a contract and the language in it governs questions...
Can I be denied reentry to the US for a 9 year old DUI?
I'm a permanent resident since 1993. I had a simple DUI misdemeanor in 2006. I applied for citizenship and passed the civics test in 2007 but I was denied citizenship because of the DUI. I remained a PR. My PR card expired and I renewed it in 2014 without any problems. Now I wish to travel outside the US but it will be my first time since before my DUI in 2006. My DUI record was expunged in 2007 so my record should be clean again. However I'm very afraid to leave the country if there's a chance they won't let me back in because of the DUI. Can they do that? Is it possible?
Yes you can be denied because of a 9 year old DUI but it is not likely.
Violating probation while on a deferred sentence. Felony DUI probation, then got a drug charge while on probation.
A friend of mine got his second DUI and it was a felony, he got a deferred sentence and was placed on probation (DA) for 2 years. Less than a year into probation, he violated it and got arrested for possession. Both arrests were in different counties. He went to court for the drug charge and got another deferred sentence and got probation for 2 years. His probation is up in October for the DUI charge. Is there a way he won't get punished for violating the probation or does someone always get punished no matter what when they violate probation? If so, what type of punishments are likely? He refuses to get help for anything and says he doesn't have a problem. Shouldn't his license be suspended? What's the law in Oklahoma for that?
He is the one who needs to be asking these questions, not you. Violation of probation can subject someone to being...
Will I get drug tested at my final court after being arrested for a dui marijuana and cocaine and gun?
I was pulled over in September for a dui and had marijuana and cocaine and gun me my final court is on the 17 will I be drug tested at court to see what my punishment will be
You really need to contact a local criminal defense attorney. This is a very serious case.
I'm on a 3 yr revocation for three dui's and I need to try and get a modified license. It will be 2 yrs in march 2016 since susp
Basically I have 3 dui's for my license being suspended. I have two other possession charges but was not under the influence of them.
This sounds like a purely administrative action with DPS. Contact your local DPS office to find out what steps you must...
Will marijuana show up on a DUI under the age of 21 blood test?
So I got in a car wreck a week and a half ago and I had to submit to a blood test. I ended up in the hospital and the nurse released to me that my BAC was 0.048. The DA is officially doing their own blood work test on me and I have yet to receive the results. I am anxious because I want to know if any other drugs will show up on the blood test. I wasn't under the influence of any other drugs at the time of the wreck, but I had smoked a tiny amount of marijuana earlier that day. The wreck happened after 12 am in the morning and I consumed the marijuana around 7pm earlier that day. I want to add that I haven't smoked marijuana in about a month until this day. I am charged with a DUI under the age of 21 and am wanting to know if the blood test will effect or add any charges to my case.
If the DA's blood test shows the marijuana, it will not add an additional charge. However, they will include the...