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  • Gulf County Sheriff's Office

    Dec 7, 2016 | via The Star 

    On Monday, Nov. 28, Investigators S. Ferrell and P. Williams conducted a probable cause traffic stop on a silver Honda driven by Blake Caldwell Lincoln on State Road 71 and Lake Grove Road for having prior knowledge Lincoln's driver's license were suspended. A records checked confirmed Lincoln's license were suspended.


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Wewahitchka Law

If i got a speeding ticket and a dui the same time and i beat my speeding ticket in court can I beat the dui case. Florida
i received a speeding ticket then another officer stop and decided to give me a dui. If I beat the speeding ticket court is there a chance I can beat the dui to.
If the basis for the stop was speeding then you may have a valid motion to suppress. Good luck.
Does a Florida DUI transfer to Colorado
I got my second DUI in Florida and I am moving to Colorado. I have a breathalyzer in my car for 3 years and special insurance for two. Will that transfer to Colorado?
You will need to make prior arrangements with DHSMV and the ignition interlock company. You will lielly have to get...
How do I get my license cleared from a 2004 DUI which was dropped ?
Got a DUI in 2004 in Key West, Fl. Lost license for 1 year and was ordered a breathalizer on my car for 1 year. 1) Don't own a car or have a car 2) In 2005 there was a Major Hurricane in the Florida Keys and my DUI case was dismissed after about 2 months into it, my license was returned to me BUT they never dismissed the breathalizer from my record. My license has expired, so I went to the DMV to get a new one, it shows my license is clean except the breathalizer ?????
your dui may have been dismissed, but the administrative suspension stayed on the record as the State Attorney does...
Hello I had big drinking problem I got 2DUI up north 2 more florida
No one was ever injured. Florida took my license for life. Civil judgement on me. Now its in collection. Need to pay to get 2 D6 releases to get hardship. I'm on SSI Now only income $733 month. Bankruptcy help I really want my licence . I'm different guy now. And worked hard to change my ways .ITs been almost 10yrs with out driving. I'm ready now I need help. Happy holidays thanks
IF you are otherwise eligible for a hardship DL but for unpaid tickets/fines/court costs ... typically once you pay...
How can I get my dui thrown after conviction
But I just resonantly read the police report the is false statements and I was also told by someone that if the officer that makes the report it should not describe you vehicle as vehicle or a motor vehicle that the have to describe you car or truck is this true can my case be thrown out even though I'm already on probation
That is certainly an argument for your lawyer to make
Can I have a NC dui I was not guilty of hidden at the very least ???
I have seen men convicted of murder get out in 7 years free as birds yet I am doomed to life in the prison in my decaying 1969 mobile home on my small property with out public transportation. I only get rides to my dr & sometimes to the Wal-Mart pharmacy. Otherwise I go months & years without meeting another human being. I am permanently trapped in a Prison of Glass. 14 years thus far. No friends left. They have died, moved on Etc. I was adopted my older people that died in 1980 & 1987. I have PTSD, anxiety & panic attacks. Depression is so awful knowing my life is over & has been many years. If only there was hope. Something to work towards these past 14 years so I might be free also just once more. Automobiles were my life, my work, my freedom & helped me cope with my PTSD. The worse part is I was not guilty of my first offense in Carteret Co. North Carolina. I was just left in my car after a friend did the deed & found by the law and have been paying for it with this life sentence. If only that DA there at that time would have let me plead NOT-Guilty, none of this situation i'm in would have happened. I had major problems & dealt with them with alcohol but not now
You would need to repost your question in the North Carolina section, to see if it is possible to seal or expunge an...
Can I get a drivers license in Florida if they are revoked in Illinois for a DUI?
I am moving to Florida in a few months and have been working to get my license back in Illinois but it has been very costly and time consuming. I am not sure if I will have everything taken care of by the time I move down. Can I start over down there or how does it work?
No, you must first clear up your Illinois license before obtaining a valid Florida license.