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I got a dui in California five years ago and a judge later ruled that unless i wanted my license back, the alcohol classes
wouldn't be mandatory. Ive moved to Colorado and now want my license back, but have to get cleared by California with a 1650 waiver packet i have to fill out and send back before i can. Will i have to have an SR-22? Also, is there a way to view this packet on line, because the packet wont be here for awhile.
No, you likely won't have to file an SR22 and there's absolutely no way to file online. CA DMV isn't that sophisticated.
What should I do about my outstanding DUI?
I got a DUI in Colorado two years ago that hasn't been taken care of. There is a warrant out for my arrest. I am now living in California and this is my third DUI. If continue not to do anything about it and wait to get caught what should I expect to happen to me? Also if I did want to fix this whole situation how would I go about doing it?
If you wait to get caught, the warrant could be outstanding for a minimum of about 7 years up to forever. DUI warrants...
Can I claim innocent of the dui since I technically wasn't driving drunk?
Got into a car accident and pulled over to the side of the road. Asked the other party if they were calling their insurance company, they said yes. I got back in my car to wait. I hadnt drunken anything all night and I had some liquor in my car, so I decided to drink while I waited for the insurance company to show up and do a claim. I figured my car was going to gett towed after the wreck and I was right up the street from my aunt and cousins house so I would just walk there. Turns out they called the cops and not the insurance company and I got dui after blowing a .113 on the breathalyzer. I have one previous DWAI from 6 years ago.
You can claim anything you want. It doesn't mean that the defense will work. Talk to a good criminal defense attorney...
Can a minor get a dui expunged in Colorado?
Got arrested for dui at 17 blew a .17 2 years probation lost license for a year 48 hours community service.
Assuming you were charged in County Court and not Juvenile Court, then you cannot seal or expunge it. However, if the...
How much does a dui lawyer cost?
How much does a dui lawyer usually cost, what is the best outcome. I have an offer of 45 days in jail with 2 years probation. Is it worth Getting an attorney. Or just go with public defender.
DUI lawyers run the spectrum to starting for less to some that won't start without a substantial retainer or flat fee...
Can my son serve his Time in Iowa for a DUI he got in Colorado
My son got a DUI in Colorado 2 years ago he and his girlfriend split and he came back to Iowa because he knows no one out there no place to live no license so no transportation so no job can he take care of it here
No, he cannot take care of the DUI in Iowa. The case has to be addressed in Colorado. If he is placed on probation in...
How long can they have you on a tail on a dui?
I have a friend that got a dui and they gave him a 5 year probation tail here in Colorado . I have heard that the law has changed to they can keep you only for 2 yeares is this true?
No clue what a probation tail is be interested to see what co lawyers say.