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If he have a first time charge with a dwi whats going to happen next?
My husband has a first time dwi charge but he had an unopen drink & he dont have drivers lincese
First will be the arraignment then trial then sentencing. Most likely he'll be able to get a plea bargain since it's a...
Is this some type of misconduct?
I received a 3rd dwi in metairie in may of 2011 and now I'm going for my final status update on jan 25th. The cop that arrested me quit the force and moved to another state. It took them 4 yrs to get him here to testify for motions. They have no clue where any video tape is and disregarded my testimony about being threatened by another cop that "If you don't blow, we going to strap you down and take your blood". So I was forced to blow. The judge is allowing my results. Here is the catcher. The judge asked the prosecutor some questions about a court date and he lied to the judge about the cop cooperating to come to court. This is by far the complete opposite. They had to threaten him with an attachment if he doesn't show. This was all said on record. This makes me question the tape. Where is it? Is that cop on there threatening me so they are hiding evidence?
The first part of your question deals with continuances and delays to trial. Unfortunately, unless you objected to any...
DMV saying a IID has to be on a vehicle for a year after a DWI conviction, but conviction was over a year ago. Is this true?
Convicted of DWI in St Charles parish over a year ago. Went to get DL reinstated and was told a IId has to be installed for a year even though I don't own a vehicle.
Your questions is not clear. I'm sure at the time you received the DUI either you owned the vehicle or you drove some...
Will I be drug tested at my probation officer meeting (convicted of DWI)?
Two years ago I was arrested for a DWI charge. I was recently sentenced to wear the SCRAM ankle bracelet for 90 days. In a few weeks I will start paying towards my fine and will also be checking in with my probation officer. Should I expect to be drug tested at this meeting?
Yes two or 3 times. If your levels decrease, they will stop.
If I am filming in Louisiana and there are cars around, do I have to blur out all of the license plates if I use that footage?
I am filming in a parking area while speaking to some people. Do I have to blur the license plates that might be visible before I air it?
If you are a filmmaker, you should retain an attorney to answer business questions like this about the law. This is not...
What to do next?
I was involved in a auto accident in September 2016 while driving a company vehicle, the vehicle I was in flipped and overturn. I gave my statement on what happened between myself, 18 wheeler & another driver. The police officer cited me for improper lane change. I have been to court the court wants a restitution of property letter also I filed a continuance for another court date the police nor other party was present so I could have gotten it dismissed possibly if my legal rep was present also my license is in jeopardy of being put on hold. I was transported to a local hospital & found out days later I have some moderate to significant injures. Its Feb 2017 I have been reaching out to my employer corporate office to help get the information I need ,at this point and time I have yet to receive a call back. My license will be suspended in a couple of days because my employer hasn't responded & I am in fear that they are trying to foot the bill of damages on me. What should I do?
You need to hire an attorney or post this question under a different area of law. It's not DUI related.
If I paid for someone to fly to me and they got caught with drugs in their luggage, can I be held liable in any way ?
I paid for an airline ticket for a person to fly from Nashville TN to New Orleans LA where I live. Said person got caught with drugs in their luggage at the Nashville airport. I knew nothing of the drugs. Can I be held liable in any way ? Am I in danger of losing my personal belongings , such as my house and/or vehicle , because I paid for their airfare? Can I be accused of any charges simply because I was affiliated with them because I paid for the airfare ?
Perhaps. You may be cast in the role as a principal to the other passenger's possession, esp since you paid for his...