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Does a DUI have a statute of limitations?
My 71 year old father was pulled over for failure to pull over enough while driving around a traffic stop. They ran his license and found a 22 year old DUI in another state. He was arrested & spent 5 days in jail. Returns to court in October with possibility of more time.
There is a statute of limitations with regard to charging someone with any crime. However, don't confuse the statute of...
How long do it take DNA to come back? when it do, do they submit it partially or all at once?
A friend is being charged with sexual assault, and he was arrested in January and they took dna then and they said that it came back in August. But now they are saying that they found semon in under wear of victom,was that suppose to been tested . Now they asked for 3 more months for those results to come back is his constitutional rights being violated? He has a P.D, but he won't answer any of his calls or even go to talk to him. He asked them for the copy of lab results but still hasn't received them . what can he do? I am working on getting him a lawyer. It just seems strange to me that they are just now testing the under clothes and didn't test it in the beginning.
Taking 60 - 90 days for the DNA return is about the usual in MD. Usually any piece of evidence should have been...
If they tested his DNA in January it came back last month now they are saying they found semon,can they test separately?
He is being charged with a criminal sexual assault but the DNA came back already but they're not mentioning that. They said they found semon and now have to test that.wasnt that what they took the DNA for the first time. Now the starting his 120over.can they do that?
There are at least two different substances tested for DNA initially. One is a sample from the suspect. The other is...
Am I able to obtain a liquor license in the State of Illinois for a bar/restaurant?
I have 2 DUI. The first was in 2008 I received court supervision and the SSS was dropped. The second was in 2014-misdemeanor conviction in Jan 2015. I am on probation until January 2017. My drivers license was reinstated in August 2016.
Typically, only a felony, absent proof of rehabilitation, will preclude a license being issued.
If I get a RDP can I drive to work if I work and live out of state?
I currently live in Indiana, I have for most of my life. I moved to Illinois about 9 years ago and got a DUI, (9 years ago). I went to did everything that was required by the court in Illinois, classes, evaluation, ECT. I moved back to Indiana and got my drivers license and everything was good until I went to renew them. I found out that I had to reinstate my Illinois license before I could renew my license in Indiana. I went to an informal hearing and got denied because I didn't have original signatures on my paperwork, I had copies. The places I did my classes at haven't existed for about 5 years. I spent the money and did the classes over again. I just feel like even though I have only 1 DUI that is 9 years old, Illinois is not going to reinstate my drivers license, maybe an RDP if I'm lucky. Now will I be eligible for an RDP if I don't live in Illinois? I live in Indiana about 20 miles away from Illinois.
Time to stop getting kicked in the had and hire a traffic ticket lawyer our guesses wont help you but more of ring...
Can i have two DUI's , on my record sealed in illinois? one case was dismissed, and the other was not guilty.
i am filing a petition to seal in illinois.
Dismissed and NG can be sealed. But any statutory summary suspension would stay on your driving record.
Is it possible to get a full license back with a summary suspension lift from a lawyer after a dui?
I've completed my classes, I'm done with court, and received 2 years court supervision and a 1700 dollar fine and that's it. No further treatment or restrictions were added.