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How does one handle from CT a minor consumption charge in Indiana?
Court date is May 25th in Indiana and my son, who was with fraternity brothers sleeping in a tent, when Indiana police raided the campsite. He, along with 3 dozen other students, was arrested, after police did breathalizers on all of them. Is there a way to handle court date and charges without having to go to Indiana which would be very costly? Also, this is his first offense and is there a way to have offense expunged from his record? Thanks a lot.
Hire a Indiana Attorney.Please go to www.ncdd.com-link to fina a Lawyer to find An Attorney near the court where your...
I was a first time offender in a DUI case in CT. I completed the alcohol treatment program, no problems for over a year.
I was told by the court the record was expunged however I applied for a sales position at a ct retail automotive dealership and a background check resulted in my status as being un insurable. How did this happen and can I do anything to prevent this from happening in the future?
It will appear on your DMV record for 10 years
Will I do time for this
Caught a dui two years ago completed probation and did community service in July was finished caught a ticket for having a suspended license but it wasn't got the notice the next day what can I do
If you're saying that you did not get your operating privileges reinstated because you failed to request it and pay for...
Can a anonymous witness go to court to testify
I wasn't pulled over and the witness asked to be anonymous said he took the keys out the ignition because the operator looked intoxicated and I was arrested for suspicion of dui
Once the witness wants to give sworn testimony the witness must state his or her name
Can an anonymous witness to a car accident give their name to police
I was arrested for suspicion of dui and a witness in the police report wished to remain anonymous said they took the keys out the car because operator looked intoxicated sand when police arrived driver driver wasn't in the car can they subpoena subpoena the anonymous witness
Yes if they know who Mr Aninymos is
Can I get a third dui dropped to a wrekless driving if no one was injured in a accident and I was the only one one evolved
I was driving under the influence of drugs the police didn't pull me over a witness had my keys until the police arrived I failed the tests and they arrested me for suspicion of dui I hit a snow bank no injuries
Unlikely. In fact, depending on when your other two DUI convictions were, you may be looking at a mandatory minimum...
I have a had a Smart Start on my car for 15 months more than my original requirement due to faulty violations. What are options
I was ordered to have an interlock on my car for 1 year as of Dec 2012. Throughout that time I received numerous letters about violations that I didn't commit (Tampering, Circumvent, Requesting someone to blow, etc.) I tried speaking with DMV, SmartStart, and my PO. I'm off probation. Noone seems to have an answer about how to have this resolved.. The tech that I bring it to for re-cal said he can't help me, its a DMV thing. I've had 4 separate units installed. Now the device goes off every 3 minutes, and sometimes doesn't even beep or time my blow period until lockout. I've tried pulling my records, but it's no longer an option for customers to access this via the SmartStart hotline. I can't even speak to a rep with the company, get put on hold, then they hang up. Please advise.
Trying to get what resolved? You'd have to prove the machine screwed up. Call a local DUI attorney for help.