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Can i join the marines with a drunk and dissorderly misdemeanor?
I very badly want to join the Marines. i was arrested when i was 18 now I'm 21 and want to make a serious change and show the marine core that i am a strong competitive person who wants to improve their life.
Best bet is to get an expungement and apply for college instead of getting blown up by an IUD if Afghanistan
Can i avoid jail time in ct for a second dwi wich actually was the first in ct
I got my second dwi in ct but my prior was in ny and they said i got to do mandatory jail time is there a chance to avoid it?
Many times people are told there is "mandatory jail time" but as with most charges that is something that can be...
How can I reverse a denial Of coverage (on appeal) for an experimental drug ordered by my doctor?
My doctor referred me for a blood test without divulging it was an experimental test and AETNA is denying my claim based on it being experimental. My doctor (urologost) recommended this specific test after I was diagnosed with cancer following a year of increasing PSA tests (via 4 previous blood tests) prior deciding if a biopsy would be necessary. Based on previous testing (systoscapy sp?) I was at risk for complications from a more invasive test...this particular blood test would eliminate the more invasive test unless absolutely necessary.
There must be procedures for an appeal with the insurance company. You should get a copy and follow them. You should...
I have a dui in new York I live in Connecticut what if I stop going to court?
I live in Connecticut I have dui charge in New York what if I stop going to court. By the way I don't plan on driving or stepping foot in New York ever again what will be my consequences.
Typically if you fail to appear for court they issue a warrant for your arrest. You should speak with a lawyer about...
Rephrased: Can I smoke Medical Marijuana if I have an on going case?
Rephrased: I am currently up against 4 misdemeanors. I am represented by a public defender and we have been working on getting an AR with hopes of the charges being dropped. Part of the plan is to attend an intense drug&mental health program. My levels have gone down and I'm completely clean right now. Last year I was diagnosed with PTSD and I was under medication but it wasn't working with me. It put me more in a zombie mode then help me deal with it. After that I went through some traumatic personal stuff and haven't completed my treatment for my ptsd. However its gotten worse and yes the recreational marijuana was helping me deal with it the anxiety and sleeping problems I have. I have an appointment with the doctor and My question is what are the possibilities that a judge, if they can, take my card away (if approved) and not allow me to use it. Before going clean I was only using marijuana & once tested positive w/xan And non of my cases have to do with anything drug related. I of course would not use my card with out the approval of my PD but would like to know a honest answer. Will I have to wait until after my program is done? Will and can my card be denied from the judge?
You already have an attorney and should ask your own attorney any and all questions that you have about your cases.
Can I smoke Medical marijuana if I have an on GOING case?
Hello, so I have an on going case for 4 misdemeanors. I'm on a no tolerance and attended a drug &a mental health program. I've been clean and my test have shown it however I'm interested in medical marijuana but don't want to risk my case to turn the wrong direction if I use it and my test start showing dirty. So should I smoke if I can approved?? Or what if anything will the judge do if they see my test are dirty under medical marijuana..
Best to ask your attorney guess is your going to jail if dirty.
Is there any case law where an officer stopped a vehicle solely for a suspended operators license?
Looking to see if there is any precedent where an officer pulled over a vehicle solely for the operator having a suspended license. Several colleagues have argued that stopping a vehicle solely for that purpose is unlawful and that a violation is required beforehand. I have argued that it is an investigatory stop, as it it reasonable to believe that the suspended registered owner is the one driving the vehicle. Can someone point me towards a case that I can cite as precedent? Thanks.
The lawyer you retain will do the legal research to see if there is controlling precedent. However I would argue that...