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  • Two ECI Corrections Officers Detained

    Friday Oct 7 | via WBOC-TV Salisbury 

    Most of the correctional officers who were arrested in the massive alleged bribery scheme at Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover, Maryland have been released from custody, according to a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Justice. Eighteen corrections officers were indicted Wednesday as part of the alleged smuggling scheme at the prison, which prosecutors say involved guards taking brides to smuggle contraband into the prison.


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Westover Law

If you are on probation and get a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident will that automatically violate you?
on probation for DUI 1st offense got pbj - - got car stuck on RR tracks late at nite - left to try to get help but couldn't get anyone until morning and by then the police had the car - - was no drinking or drugs involved got 2 payable fines and the must appear for leaving scene
You will most likely be violated because you failed to obey all laws and your charge is a serious traffice offense. You...
How can I expunge my DUI case?
I got DUI on April 24, 2015 for the first time. I got convicted as guilty for driving under influence of alcohol. I was charged as probation before judgement. My one year of probation finished on September 3, 2016. I attended classes and went to community service as well. Now what should I do to expunge my DUI case?
Unfortunately, a probation before judgment for a DUI cannot be expunged in Maryland.
Do i need an lawyer for my DWI
I was parked in a parking lot car still running and police knocked on my window and told me to step out car they found my BAC was high and took me to station once i got there they processed me which took like 10 mins and i took the BAC test agian and i passed it i did have my two minor kids in car with me
If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI, then you need a lawyer. You said you passed the breathalyzer test at the...
Can MVA md issue a temporary driver's license after dui charges
I was sleeping in my car at the parking lot because I was tired. Did not drink at all and I was arrested and released within 30 minutes but took my license away
You should have been given a temporary license. You have a very short time period to request an administrative hearing...
Is it possibility of jail time for driving on a suspended license if you pay the fines before the trial date?
Caught driving with suspended license and expired tags but court date was set and can pay fines before court date
Do not pay any fines before the court date. Some of the tickets will probably be dropped as part of a plea deal. You...
Do I need to go with a lawyer on my next court date after telling the judge that I need an attorney to represent me ?
I have a case in court because I drove with my out of country drivers licence. I appeared in court but a friend advised I requested for attorney to represent me so that I could buy myself some time to convert my out of country licence to Maryland license. Court date is next week and I'm still not able to get my licence. What can I do ?
Chances are the court will not give you another postponement for the same reason. An experienced criminal defense...
I received a PBJ for a dui/dwi back in 2007. I've heard after 7 years, this will not show up on a background check. Is this true
I was in a car accident November 2007 and was taken to hospital after a night out of drinking. I was charged with a DUI and DWI, but received a probation before judgment and nolle prosequi and successfully completed the terms of my probation. I'm currently being turned down for driving jobs because this is still appearing on my background check. I've read that after seven years (which will be in about a months time) this will no longer appear on a background check, and I'm wondering if this is true, or do I need to get it expunged from my record in order to have my checks come back clean.
Unfortunately, DUI's cannot be expunged even if you receive probation before judgment. Iit will always appear on...