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Do a really need a Lawyer for a DUI over 0.24 for a DMV Hearing or for court in Orange County?
My 1st DUI, in OC by Officer Elkins in Huntington Beach. Will be tried in Westminster Court. BAC of 0.24. No accident no moving violation. Should I bother getting a lawyer for a DMV Hearing? Will I face jail time? How would it benefit me to get a lawyer? How expensive will a lawyer be? What are the typical fines and ramifications of this offense.. Thanks so much for your help!
You have not given us enough information to answer the question.Many criminal defense andDUI attorney will give you a...
Failure to complete court orders for dui overdue 8months
I was in a dui collision and sentenced to 3 months dui classes included with alcohol education, 10days community service, MADD class and pay off a fine. Due to money and transportation issues halfway through I was not able to complete any of these court orders except for the MADD class I attended. I recieved a letter that I had a warrant for not completing my court orders. I missed my court date for when I should've completed everything. I just want to clear my name and get this weight lifted off my shoulders so I can drive again to get to school without relying on anyone. Also I don't work, but go to college so I have very little to no money. What can I do to clear my name and retake these classes I need to complete without going to jail or facing any jail time, I can't afford a attorney.
Get the matter placed on the court calendar and ask for the public defender to represent you when you show up in court.
What is going to happen next? What are my consequences? How much is this going to cost me roughly? How long is probation?
A couple nights ago I was driving home around 3am. A cat suddenly ran by my car and I ended up losing control and hitting the middle divider resulting in my car flipping upside down. Police came within minutes and I was taken to the hospital. They took my blood and a nurse later told me that my blood alch level was 2.4. My charges are dui, driving on a suspended license. I have a prior case for dui and resisting arrest. After a year of fighting the case they dropped the dui and I am currently going to anger mang classes for the resisting. I am not done with the classes yet which in the deal states that I cannot have any new charges. What are the chances of the DA going back on the deal and am I going to have to face those prior charges again?
I am glad you are okay, it sounds like it was a serious accident. You should contact an attorney immediately to help...
Will I need to serve any jail time for a first offense DUI in Orange County, CA?
My charges are 23152 (A)V.C. and 23152 (B)V.C. My BAC level was high most likely because I took the shots fast on an empty stomach. This is my first DUI and I have nothing else on my record. I was in an accident on the freeway where someone hit me from behind due to my car mechanically failing to go. If there is jail time given, is it possible to seek alternative sentencing, such as CalTrans or community service? Would I/should I seek a public defender (I don't have enough money for a lawyer)?
It's a good idea to ask for a public defender on your first court date if you can't afford to hire one. Given your BAC...
If i get asked to do a field sobriety test, and opt for the blood test do i get to go home and get charged later if over .08?
or will they hold me and tow my car until they know? I live in southern California and am 21 years old. Is it smarter to do this than the breath test or will it aggravate the cop. just fyi, I would never drive drunk i've never had a dui or blown over a .08 or any close calls. I did however just get my license back because of a zero tolerance violation when i was twenty in which i blew a .03 (i would never put my self or others at risk and know my limits/try to be responsible)
If the officer developed probable cause to arrest you and you are arrested and opt for the blood test. You may or may...
Can I get a work permit/visa in China if I have a misdemeanor DUI?
Looking to work in Beijing or Shanghai. I've read about the new laws requiring certificates of no criminal convictions in Beijing. How about the rest of China?
Rest of China has got to be the same as the nation's capital, Beijing. But in any event, this is a question that must...
Is there any way to expedite a petition to expunge a DUI in Orange County, CA?
I have a DUI from 2010 and completed classes and probation.
If you just file it, it will be handled as chambers work - meaning it will be assigned to a judge to get to it when...