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First breath test I wasn't told what I blew and then was handcuffed. 3 more test were given after that but no blood test.
They don't have to take blood. Either test can be used. Unfortunately it's not uncommon for them not to tell you what...
I was walking through a parking lot and was stopped by an officer. The officer stated that I had the look of euphoria and asked where was I going. I stated I was being picked from a friend. The officer searched my friends car and found ecstasy pills. I was then arrested and when ask to draw blood to verify that the pills were mine, I refused. The officers handcuffed me to the chair and ordered the nurse to draw my blood.
No. McNeely v Missouri would apply even though your case is not a DUI. Officers could have secured a warrant first....
This person received a second DUI short of their three year probation. Court date was 8/23/2013 for pretrail conference, then it was pushed to 10/11/2013 and now to 12/20/2013 all pretrail conference. Why is this keep getting pushed out......I really need to know if this person has a vaild drivers license and what will happen due to this second DUI
Probably suspended for one year by the DMV if his BAC was over 0.08% and he didn't request an Admin Per Se hearing.
This is my first offense i'm 20 years old , and in school. I'm not familiarized with the court system so I wasn't sure how it flows. and also how should I plead?
If they've already released you on your own recognizance, the odds are you'll remain out. The DA could always argue...
It is for a DUI conviction
you need to look at the terms and conditions of your probation but generally a misdemeanor conviction with your duis...
Looking to work in Beijing or Shanghai. I've read about the new laws requiring certificates of no criminal convictions in Beijing. How about the rest of China?
Rest of China has got to be the same as the nation's capital, Beijing. But in any event, this is a question that must...
I have a DUI from 2010 and completed classes and probation.
If you just file it, it will be handled as chambers work - meaning it will be assigned to a judge to get to it when...