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My NJ license was just recently suspended until January b/c of a DUI. Should I maintain auto insurance during this period?
Keeping the DWI in mind: My auto insurance policy renews in August. My thinking is that if I continue paying through January, and the months thereafter, my rates will not go up until August. Is this the case? Or do my rates go up as soon as I get my license back in January? Thanks for your help!
This is really a question you should address to your insurance company or agent.
Dui case
DUI case
Is there a specific question regarding a DUI case you are looking for input on? If you are facing a DUI, do your...
Suspended license what can i do.
OK so this is the situation i had a DUI march 8th 2011 i never went to get my license again after the court took it the day they gave me all of the charges. i never paid the surcharges neither. my fine was 3100 last time i checked the letter from dmv which it was like a year ago or so ago was 8000, now it should be over 10000. what can i do to pay less than 10000 dollars
I would call the surcharge people and go to court and start a payment plan for the fines. I understand the surcharge...
Can I be illegible for compensation if I been convicted for 5 years imprisonment, spent 4, then my time been redused to 364 day
I was convicted with aggravate assault 2nd degree for 5 years imprisonment with 85%. I spent 4 years in prison and filed a PCR ( post conviction relief ) wich has me as 364. Basically I overdone my time more 1000 days. I would like to file a lawsuit against State of NJ for that 1000+ days, and get some compensation.
There are all kinds of problems with such a suit. You need to speak to a PI or civil rights attorney not a criminal law...
What can I expect the first time I report to probation after sentencing?
Being sentenced on a Friday for a drug case. What will I need to do that day? Will I have to pay fines? Will I have to take a drug test? If I have a dirty test that day will they give me a VOP?
More facts are required to fully answer your question. Is this your first offense? What were the drugs involved and...
Can I sue the Dmv for suspending my Cdl license without informing my before hand?
I was a bus operator who was discharged for driving with a suspended license but knew nothing about it until my supervisor was contacted by the Dmv I received the letter after I was suspended it was prepared after my suspension I'm in the middle of buying a house I'm so stressed out is there anything I can do about this matter Thanks
Yes. You have a CDL that you depend on to live, you got a questionable suspension. Get a lawyer to do the best possible...
Is it a good idea for me to take the stand in my defense,even though I have a prior drug conviction with the same co defendant?
I am a male,my co defendent borrowed my motorcycle,she was apart of an investigation for drugs,my bike was parked outside of my home,the police into their investigation eventually ended up towing my bike stating that they had a informant that says my co defendant went to get drugs on my bike,they brought a drug dog by my bike and said they got an alert,so they towed it and days later said they found drugs and issued warrants for myself and my codefendent,I don't know absolutely nothing about anything,so I can't say its hers or whether they planted it or not,but my pool attorney is advising me to take the stand and state that,even though I have a past conviction for drugs with this person...should I take the stand or not?...I don't think its a good idea personally
A decision to take the stand is a personal one but must be discussed with counsel. Hire or at least consult with an...