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Could legal obligation compliance (child support) be reviewed during hearing for DUI?
My ex just got arrested for his 2nd DUI in 12 yrs. Is it standard for a prosecutor to look at legal obligation compliance (paying child support) when determining sentencing for DUI? Ive never held him accountable to his obligations per our divorce decree. I am 100% at fault for not doing so. He's paid support sporadically but never through the court system. The back support he owes easily exceeds over $10,000. He's always been able to easily afford the minimal amount of support he owes. He is a very successful business owner (multi millions). And is also a controlling, narcissistic bully who's financial status is his #1 priority. Before divorcing (due to his extra marital affair) he advised "Do not hire a lawyer to go through my finances. I WILL see to it that you regret that decision". I took that and other threats seriously. As a result, his business attorney drafted our divorce decree...very much in his favor. I allowed this. I did/do not trust him or his capabilities if his finances were/are threatened. So my question is could the prosecutor confirm compliance with other legal "obligations" without me being the instigator and having to be fearful of retaliation?
The prosecutor handling the criminal case probably won't address his child support obligations unless the amount he...
On probation 4 minor consumption but am now 22. I'm on probo in Hamilton County Indiana. I drank 2d ago..Will I Be ETG tested???
Never failed a drug test or alcohol test before. On my last month of probation currently.
Hang on, let me check my crystal ball for you. Nope, it's not working. Why even take the chance of being violated at all?
I got a DUI in California 6 years ago and was not working so I couldn't afford the payments. I now live in a different state.
I moved to Indiana and now I want to pay off my court fees and try to get a license. However, I did not complete the 3 month AA classes that are required for first-time offenders. Can I pay the court fees and request a 1650 waiver packet for California DUI to get a license in Indiana? Since it has been 6 years will I still be required to hold SR22 insurance in Indiana? Thank you for your time.
You have a big mess. I would first call an attorney in California near the city where the courthouse was because you...
Can you obtain a liquor serving license with an OWI?
Was charged with OWI recently and then got hired as a server at a restaurant that serves alcohol. I want to ensure that I can get a liquor serving license before starting training.
A owi should not have a bearing on your liquor serving license. Contact the board agency to make sure.
I was convicted of a DUI in 2008 served my Probation but after its all done what is the disposition of the case?
DUI 2008 Probation for 1yr
First, I assume you were charged and convicted of either a Class A or C misdemeanor. Second, assuming you were not...
Hamilton county OWI Charge. Is there any way if I plead guilty to not lose my license or be able to use an IID?
I was parked on a curb in a neighborhood and a neighbor called police after I knocked on door looking for a friend. I was in my car with it running when an officer arrived. I'm charged with an OWI now. Does it make any difference if I wasn't witnessed driving when I was arrested? I have a prior 6 1/2 years ago.
This is a very loaded question, as there are a lot of facts here that might be able to be challenged --- the most of...
If I am charged with OWI in Hamilton County, IN, is my driver's license automatically taken away by law enforcement?
I was told by my attorney that law enforcement normally takes one's driver's license when charged with an OWI, however, mine was never taken. Could this be a mistake? I continue to contact the BMV to make sure that it is still valid. So far it is.
Seems like it, it has happened to a couple of my clients and i tell them to keep checking the DMV.