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  • New Albany: Officers: Man stole DVDs, had drug parap...

    Tuesday Nov 10 | via This Week Community News 

    A 26-year-old New Albany man was arrested after Westerville police officers said they discovered him in possession of a controlled substance after he shoplifted from a local business. According to the police report, the man is accused of taking multiple DVDs from a store in the first block of East Schrock Road the morning of Nov. 4. When officers discovered him at a nearby pet store, they found him with multiple pipes used for drug use and a piece of burned aluminum foil, also associated with drug use.


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Westerville Law

Car accident,only me involved.tested positive for several drugs when given urine test at hospital.Chances of omvi conviction?
I wrecked my car by myself,no else was involved,no passengers.i was taken to hospital and tested positive for amphetamines,opiates,cocaine,alcohol and thc. in a urine test. all drugs were taken more than 24 hours before except 2 alcoholic beverages several hours before crash. no blood test or breathalyzer was administered only urine test.talked to cop at hospital gave no statement told him no information except i lost control i wasn't from the area.he wants to charge me with failure to control which i'll accept but also an omvi.what are the chances of him getting an omvi conviction? still have not been charged nad yet to give official statement.Officer called me recently. Ohio State Highway Patrol happened in knox county near mt.vernon.i'm from Westerville,Franklin county,same as columbus
What are your chances of avoiding an OMVI conviction? Were there quantities measured or just positive for the presence...
Should I hire an attorney for underage drinking charges ?
After work one night my two friends went over to another friends house and played some video games. They were smoking marijuana ( I did not partake in those festivities because I am on diversion). After a while they get hungry and leave to go get food, so my two friends and I leave. Shortly after leaving my friend got pulled ove. The cop said he smelt marijuana in the car and continued to ask us if we smoked or if we had some in the car. I said no to both questions (unknowingly he did) but he took the blame for that. When I first rolled down my window the cop said my breath smelt like alcohol. Then proceeded to ask me to take a breathalyzer, I declined. He then charged me with underage consumption. He did not perform field sobriety tests either. I was not drinking. What should I do ?
Yes you should retain an attorney. It sounds like you may have a defense although refusing the breath test will need...
1st offense DUI. Have to go for visa stamping, How can i get my case as closed for the court final disposition Document?
I got my DUI / OVI in April(1st offense). I completed all the sentencing terms from the court. Paid the fine, did the DIP and other programmes required. I was given a 2 year Probation. The probation is the only remaining thing. I have to go for visa stamping now. How can i get my case as closed for the court final disposition document, so that i can submit that at the consulate for my visa stamping, since it is very risky for me not to have that document. I have completed all the required programmes and have the documentation for that. The probation is the only one which is left and it is for 2 years. my case was in the Upper Arlington County clerk of courts, Columbus, OH. Please Help and Advise. Thanks.
You should go to the clerk's office and ask for the judgment and sentencing journal entries. They may be one entry or...
Can I get a Reckless Operation from a DUI arrest expunged in Franklin Co. Ohio?
DUI arrest 6 years ago in Col. OH. Officer pulled me over b/c said I was speeding, then immediately asked if I was drinking. I asked how fast I was going, said I was going 85 in a 65; I said that was odd since I had my cruise set @ 69 mph which flustered officer & then asked me to step out of car-I then asked to see radar gun, lots more to story after, but after a while they asked me to take breath test I refused & arrested me for DUI. In court highway patrol "lost" the video but was told the judge wouldn't drop the case as he is tough judge & didn't care. Charge was reduced to reckless op, I had no probation but license suspension for refusing to blow. Was told I could get the reckless op expunged & need to do so for work, but I seem to get different answers. Can this be expunged & how?
You should consult a local DUI attorney, who should be able to answer your question quickly and during the free...
Friend DUI
Hi, I live in Ohio and I am on probation. I do not drink (as it is a term of my probation), but my friend who is also on probation does. She often drives us home. If she got stopped for DUI, would I get arrested or in trouble with my PO for any reason? Also, if she has drugs in her purse, would I get in trouble for that for any reason if it is not in my possession?
Yes. Your PO will assume that if she has drugs, or is drinking, that you are all together to drink and / or use-- so as...
Can a person be taken into custody if they are intoxicated inside a non moving vehicle.
My boyfriend went to sleep off his alcohol in the car while I ride got there. A cop pulled up and formed a sobriety test, he did not pass and was taken into custody and taken away. His car was later searched, with out his knowledge, and then taken away by a tow truck. He now sits in custody with a $1000 fine. What do we do? Who do we call? can they just take him away?
The short answer to your question is yes, usually they can. The charge is commonly physical control of a motor vehicle...
How long does it take to get back a bac and how long to charge?
My son was pinned between 2 vehicles, has multiple broken bones and may be in a wheelchair forever due to a very drunk driver. This is not her first time, she has never done any jail time and the police have not filed a single charge against her. The police are giving me the run around and internal affairs says that they have done nothing wrong. She is still out there while my child faces a life sentence.
The bac test gives results in minutes. Perhaps you should consult your local district attorney about pursuing the matter