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  • Mom pleads guilty to greatly reduced charge in toddl...

    Friday Aug 5 | via KSL-TV 

    A West Valley woman charged with murder last year in the death of her young son pleaded guilty to greatly reduced charges Thursday and has been released from jail. Attorneys for Kim Hawkins, 25, say the mother maintains her innocence, but after the loss of her son, losing custody of another child while she was in jail and spending more than a year behind bars, she took a deal with prosecutors as a way to end the case.


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West Valley Law

Can my friend get out of a DUI?
My friend was at a lake with his family and some friends. They were boating most of the day. My friend had gotten in the truck that has the trailer and backed it up into the water so they could get the boat. Shortly after, an officer had walked over and started talking to my friend. (This officer was a close personal friend back when he was in high school, and my friend used to rent a duplex from his mom, that he still owes roughly $2000) That talked for a bit about personal things, catching up with each other, and then had asked if my friend had been drinking. Which my friend had admitted. (This officer knows that my friend likes to drink a lot.) The officer ended up walking away shortly later. He then came back with another officer and told my friend that his Sargent had seen him back up the truck with the trailer. The officers then asked my friend to do a infield sobriety test, which he refused. They asked him to take a blood test which he did take and ended failing. They ended up writing a ticket and letting him go. Didn't impound any vehicles. They ended up coming back a 3rd time and asked my friend to sign the consent form to taking his blood.
Yes, many good defenses. He should contact an attorney to help him work his way out of this charge.
How can I get the Utah Drivers License Division to remove my Ignition Interlock Restriction?
First lawyer waited 2 years while keeping me in the dark and avoiding my calls. Contacted the Utah State Bar to help get him in line. The Bar notified him and me they will not discipline, so lost my retainer and hired new attorney. Now 3 years in, finished everything and case closed with the court. However the Utah Drivers License Division wants my Ignition Interlock Restriction to be for 3 years from conviction date, which adds an additional 2 years of interlock. I have received numerous documents, mailed late, with inconsistent dates about when the restriction is up. The original date given to me was 3 years from the hearing with the DLD, which is now completed. Is there anyway to get the DLD to reinstate my license without Interlock? This outcome is unjust and I believe I have served my time.
Sounds like you need to discuss this with your lawyer who represented you. You should have been able to make your case...
My judge told me I dont "Qualify" for an attorney?
I went to court on possesion of marijuana (about 1 gram) and drug paraphernalia (my pipe). My judge was horrible. This is my first time ever even dealing with the law. I've always been a law abiding citizen (besides the fact I consume marijuana). He gave me $300 in fines and 12 months of random drug testing. I requested an attorney, and he asked me a lot of questions than said I didn't qualify for one... Is that allowed?
From your question, it appears you may have been sentenced already. I would hire a local criminal defense attorney to...
If i have a hardship license in florida can i get a Drivers license in utah.
3 and ahalf years ago, I was considered a habitual traffic offender (HTO) for driving with suspended drivers license 3 times. The last time was in 11/13/2012 and my license was revoked in 03/18/2013. I am planning on moving to salt lake city or park city utah and i need to know if i can get a drivers license. I currently have a hardship license in florida (limited) and I need to know what to do in order to obtain a drivers license in Utah.
Call the DMV in Utah, or whatever its equivalent is, and ask.
First time offense, DUI options to approach the situation.
A couple days ago on my way home after hanging out with a friend I was charged with a DUI. I had just missed the curb as I was distracted, which caused me to swerve away from it. I pulled over to check my car, as I came back to the car, a police officer stopped to check on me. When I explained why I swerved and said I had just drank one beer and offered to take the sobriety test he told me I was okay to go as far as I had someone come to pick me up. When another officer arrived at the scene less than 1 minute from that, he came back and asked if I could take the test. He then proceeded to tell me I was intoxicated and that I needed to go back to the station, after seating in a room for 15-30 minutes while he filled up the information he ran the breathalyzer which ran at .09. During the time I waited he kept his back to me and did not check my mouth before proceeding. I found this shocking with having only having drank one beer. Should I be disputing this or trying to get this to lower charge it all feels strange and poorly done ??
Your mistake was talking to the cop and offering to help yourself get arrested, and possibly convicted. You should have...
Can an officer make me do a field sobriety test based on my criminal history?
I was pulled over by a motorcycle cop for a cracked windshield. I had all my documents necessary and I gave them to him. Another cop pulls up in a truck. They chit chat for a minute, then the truck cop comes to my door & asks me to step out so he can explain the ticket to me. I get out & we walk to the back of the car. The motorcycle cop tells me hes just giving me a fix it ticket & has me sign it. I was shaking a lil because every time I get pulled over by cottonwood heights cops it never turns out good. So then the motorcycle cop says hes seen that I have a criminal past with drugs and/or something recently with them. I say thats correct. Then he asks me if there's anything illegal in the car, I say no. Then he asks me if he can search the car, I say no, he asks why, I tell him I was on my way to pick my brother up & now im late. Then the truck cop starts saying something about my eyes and then asks me if im on drugs, I tell him no. Then he asks me if ill do a field sobriety test, I repeat everything I said before. Then the motorcycle cop snickers and says thats just his nice way of telling you you're going to do a field sobriety test based on your background. Is that legal?
No, a police officer is not supposed to make you do a field sobriety test. Those are, in theory, voluntary. My question...
I blew 0.024 and was given a DUI citation he called it. do I need to hire an atty to have the charges dropped?
On Cinco de Mayo, I was invited to company party. I arrived at 4:30 PM and left around 6:00 PM. When I first got there, I had one Margarita. Before leaving I drank some water and did not feel buzzy so I decided I could drive. I drove around for the next couple of hours looking for an open salon to get a haircut. I'm new to the area. About 8:00 PM, I pulled into Tangles just off of Fort Union and 2000 East. A girl came to the front desk and told me she was just finishing up and I would have to come back before 5:00 PM to make an appointment. So I left and went back to my car in their parking lot. I noticed there were 3 other cars there and didn't think anything of it. I sat in the driver's seat with the keys in the ignition, engine was not started, and checked email and returned Voice Mail. Twenty minutes later, 2 police cars came driving up and asked me what I was doing and If I had been drinking. I said yes and consequently did not want to blow into their device that could have been tampered with. So I took the 3 street tests. I was arrested, car was impounded, DL was taken and I was taken back to the police station. He finished filling out his report and told me...
Yes, you better hire competent legal counsel on this one..