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Can someone advise me on how to suppress my BAC result that shows 0.17
My blood was drawn at the hospital on. July 5, 2015 and the blood kit expired on July 15 2015. The test was carried out at the lab. On August 13 2015. That means that the tubes expired before the test was carried out. Can that affect accurate results of my BAC by making it to go higher? I need a response, and what can I do to suppress the evidence.
Reasonable doubt can be argued. A motion to suppress is not a DIY. Seek an experienced trial lawyer. Avvo rates...
Retest BAC after a year
Can I file a motion to retest BAC after a year? but the tube used for preservation has expired in eleven months ago. The DPS kits expired after one month of blood collection, can the blood still be in good conditions as the preserved tubes expired?, I need advise on what to do. Thanks
You don't say whether you already have a final conviction or a pending case. You also do not indicate who would pay...
If license is suspended at ALR hearing what is typical time suspension to come in to effect? Appeal before suspension effect?
Arrested for DWI. Took field sobriety test lost balance at 22 seconds standing on one foot. I did good on the eye test but not as good on heal to toe. Refused to take BAC test. First offense and not worried about criminal case. I have a CDL so keeping my license out of suspension at ALR is the real fight. I I realize ALR defense is harder to defend. I am trying to figure out in a worse case scenario how to draw the fight out if I am losing and keep my license for as long as possible. If TX is going to take it from me I want to go down hard. So I am trying to figure out if the Judge orders a suspension on my license on first hearing will I be able to appeal before the suspension goes in to effect.
Yes, it is possible to appeal an Administrative Law suspension of your driver's license, but it is fairly technical,...
How long does is take to obtain a court order/temporary occupational dl?
Once submitted to judge
Depends..... Some judges sign the orders immediately, some judges take time, some judges are on vacation, at continuing...
My X Husband has had 2 DWI's and has never been charged for them, how does that happen?
My X Husband has had 2 DWI's and has never been charged for them, how does that happen?
Don't quit understand your question. If he was arrested for DWI and not prosecuted, that would be highly unusual -...
How Much do have to have in order to be charged with a gram
Was getting cloths from laurdrymate came to there to arrest me than surched me a bagey fell out of poucket did not knw it was n there thay did not ask any thing about it just charged me with it did not c him test it or weigh anything
There are 28 grams to the ounce. You should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.
Is it better for me to admit to my po that I was dirty a couple months back before tests come bk or wait for results
I failed a drug test and got sent for a hair follicle I am awaiting the results
Not sure perhaps. Personal decision here. You will probably get revoked one way or the other.