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My driver's liscence was suspended in 2003 for DUI for 2 yrs. I did not attempt to reinstate it. This was prior to Melanie's Law
My mother is 88 and not well. She is no longer able to drive. She has MD visits she needs to go to. Is there any way for me to get my liscence reinstated at this time? I am under treatment for cancer myself & would only need to drive during daylight hours. I have no $ to install a breathelizer in my Mom's car.I have not had alcohol in almost 10 years. Please advise.
you should have been able to reinstate your license by now unless your are suspended in another state.
Can my psychiatrist or the facility be held accountable for letting me drive away drunk?
I got an oui back in the fall, and am currently on probation. Originally I went to see my psychiatrist while drunk, and she turned me away and told me to leave, nobody helped me, or stopped me. And I continued to drink and eventually got an oui after I parked my car off the side of the highway.
The facility does not have an obligation to intervene and prevent you from committing a crime. You are responsible for...
Can I drive if I am 20 (under 21) after consuming a quarter of a beer (legally in my household with my parents consent).
If I am in the legal limit for BAC, and am 20 but drank legally in my household with my parents consent, am I allowed to drive?
Yes but if you are a driver under 21 years old the determination of the legal limit for blood alcohol content is .02...
I am a MA resident with a DUI in NH. All requirements completed, Do I need a hearing in MASS or just go to RMV with proof?
My suspension is coming near to the end, I completed all requirements for DUI < 21 . DUI in NH with MA license. Can I reinstate at MASS RMV after NH reinstates it?
As a Massachusetts license holder at the time of the offense you will need to provide the Registry with documentation...
Second Offense OUI - refused breathalyzer
I had one oui 11 years ago so I know that i might qualify for a 24d disposition as a first offender, however, the registry is a completely different animal so I think its an automatic 3-year loss of license plus the 45-90 day loss of license and an alcohol program - and the registry even might make me to go to the 14-day in-patient program. I was wondering if I'm correct on the above and if I'm on probation would i have problems leaving the state to start work in Colorado?
You should have either a private attorney or public defender to guide you thru this. As far as leaving the State for...
What happens in court when you have a DUI
Got a DUI and will be in court Feb 2 in boston/brighton district. Do I require an attorney or can I represent myself in order to save money?
As you may of heard "only a fool has himself for a client." Having said that, sure, you can represent yourself. However,...
First time oui in Ma $500 reinstatement fee and $500 for taking the breathalyzer.
My son was arrested for a dui, went to court got a 45 day suspension has to take the alcohol program which he is doing and everything required. He got a letter from the registry stating he can get his license back (the 45 days is up) for $500.00 when he went the other day he was told it is $1000.00 because he TOOK THE breathalyzer. Is this correct?
If the case was settled within the first 30 days, then it should be only $500. But if the 30 day suspension expired,...