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  • police report: Aug. 18, 2016 issue

    Monday Aug 15 | via Waukesha 

    Waukesha police report: Aug. 18, 2016 issue Here's your weekly summary of various items culled from the local police blotter. Check out this story on waukeshanow.com: 1 Police asked a man who was disturbing people at Frame Park, 1200 Whiterock Ave., to leave the area after the man began exhibiting belligerent behavior around 11:51 a.m. Aug. 8. According to a police report, the man was screaming at people near a pier in the park and telling them he was "fishing for snapping turtles."


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MN DWI .07
Was given a DWI with a .07, My car was broken down on the freeway, I was out of the car the keys were never in visable to the officer. Should I worry?
Whenever you are charged for a criminal offense,especially a DUI,you should be concerned,and while a charge is not a...
Can a traffic accident be a basis for reasonable articulable suspicion of DUI/DWI, or is much more needed to determine that?
What is all needed to prove a reasonable articulable suspicion in DUI/DWI accident case? If there are no reasonable suspicion, how far can an officer expand the scope of the traffic accident stop when investigating possible crimes?
It would depend on the totality of the circumstances. Perhaps the officer would note an odor of alcohol or something...
How do other states hqve juridiction
2 years ago I got Owi in WI. I was a resident of Wi worked in WI and payed Taxes in Wi but had Mn drivers licance. As the law states I have 60 days to change my licance for one that does not give mn jurisdiction also Wi is not part of compact to MN. Also the law states were the offence occurs has jurisdiction. And I hqve looked up what constatutes residency at law library and no were does it say any were that a ldriver's license is any form of residency it only ID purposee only. Don't get it what kind of bull crap laws are this state making unconstitutional
In your question you never mentioned what the problem is.
TAIP Assessment/IID Violation in Texas (MN DWI Case)
I had an interlock violation (.010,.007) reading recently and my PO here in Texas said I had to complete a TAIP assessment suggested by Ramsey County, which I did. I am set to meet with my PO in a week and I am off probation 8/25. I did not drink alcohol for that reading and I know I used mouthwash leaving the gym the morning in question. I have a strong feeling that the TAIP assessment office will come back with a relapse prevention recommendation (6-8 weeks). How can I fight this since I am so close to getting off probation? FYI, Travis county is only monitoring my case from Ramsey County. They didnt issue a warrant or revoke my probation.
If you don't like what they decide down there, then you could file a motion with the court up here in Ramsey County....
Is it still possible for me to be charged with dui?
I ran a red light and got pulled over. I failed the sobriety test, but passed the breathalyzer. They did a blood test and I'm pretty sure it's going to come up negative. There may be cannabis on the blood test.
Yes, it is very possible that you can be charged with DWI. It's likely that a charging decision won't cine until the...
Is there anything that can be done to get my normal license back sooner? Or at least drop the whisky plates? It's such a pain.
I got 2 DUI's when I was 20 years old, June 2014 and September 2014, just being dumb. My license was revoked and I was required to install ignition interlock. I was due to have the interlock removed in September 2016, until I received a letter in the mail from the DPS saying it had been extended for 180 days- no rolling retests, which I left my car on in my driveway on accident for a couple of hours this February 2016. I was just convicted of an ignition interlock violation as well. (Pulled over driving a friend's car because he was nodding off at the wheel on the way out of town, would have been dangerous to let him drive, and I know that is on the police report if that matters. Fined $200) Now it has been extended another 365 days making my new revocation end date March 2018. Almost 4 years later.
You have the right to challenge the extension in court. However, the law is that if you have an ignition interlock...
Dui 12 years ago, just got one on an ATV a few months back - what happens with license?
got on dui 12 years ago in a car. got one on an ATV a few months back. license hasn't been revoked yet - pleading guilty this month to dui. when will my license get revoked and for how long?
Contact a local DUI lawyer to see exactly what consequences you face including the license suspension and to see if any...