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I had a DUI yesterday. I haven't never had one before. What should I do?
I was at a festival yesterday and had too much to drink. Didn't realize I should drive home and got stopped. I was arrested and had the breathilizer that said I was over the legal limit. This was my first time offense. I'm an extremely responsible and hardworking single mother. I've worked my whole adult life and I raised three very smart and educated children. I live where I have to drive to everywhere. I don't know how I'm going to manage without access to a vehicle for work. I plan to go to court tomorrow to see if I can qualify for the AEP program and see if I qualify for a work permit to drive to work and school and back. Any other suggestions?
First thing you ought to do is retain a criminal defense lawyer who also practices in DUIs. He/she can properly...
Will a dui affect me from becoming a police officer? The dui has been sealed & I completed the alcohol education program ?
Terrible decision to drink and drive after celebrating the expectancy of my daughter at my Jack no Jill baby shower . I got pulled over and arrested for an OUI getting off the exit to my house . I am 24 years old , never have been in trouble prior (not even traffic violations) , graduated college with a BA in criminology, interned with a police department , as well as with the city im applying for in the chiefs office (for fire dept), and even got the case dismissed after completing AEP 10 months early. I took 2 classes a week for 5 weeks instead over a 10 week course to speed the process up.I was supposed to wait until The early fall of 2018 to have the case dismissed and statutorily sealed; but to show how serious I was and that I learned from this shameful and embarrassing mistake I requested a motion to dismiss the charges upon my completion of the program using self representation . I have even tried to volunteer at MADD to help prevent others from making the same mistake as myself . Moral of the story do I have any chance on getting on with this department ? i also haven't had a drink since and don't plan on too... any chance ? And any advice ?
It may. It depends on the Police Department you are applying do. I do however suggest you wait till it is dismissed...
What does Conditional discharge 2 years mean?
1 year jail execution suspended conditional discharge 2 years
It means you're not on probation. Just don't get any new arrests for 2 years . If you do you'll be facing up to 1 year...
What does 1 year jail sentence execution suspended 18 months probation mean?
Failure to appear, on conditional discharge 2 years, so arrested for not appearing to court
It means if you get arrested for anything in the next 18 months or violate any conditions of your probation you face up...
Can I still become a police officer with a dismissed dui in CT, no prior record ?
No prior record , college grad, completed AEP program as a learning experience,
Most municipal law enforcement job applications in CT state that if your criminal charges (DUI is a misdemeanor mv...
Can policemen see prior convictions for DUI when they run your license plate?
I have 2 DUI convictions
Yes but they can see the Drivers DMV record too
I got arrested for dui in Connecticut- they did not physically take my license can I drive until hearing?
I am single mom sole bread winner for three kids. I need to work and get them places.
Yes you can until the date on the Notice you will receive from DMV