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My son in 18 and was driving home some friends who had been drinking. After being pulled over he took a sobriety test but when they told him the portable Breathalizer was voluntary and he sad he didn't want to take it they took him to the jail house where his BAC was .000 and .002. Did they have the right to keep him. No drugs were involved.
Is hard to say from the facts whether the officers had sufficient evidence for probable to arrest. The standard is...
On January 1, 2009, New Year's Eve, I was traveling to my home with my two year old in the backseat after picking her up from Grandma's house. After making a u-turn in the middle of the road I was pulled over for improper lane travel. To make a long story short, I was arrested & charged with DUI & reckless endangerment. I did have two pretty well made White Russians to drink that night, (it was New Year's Eve, that's my excuse, lousy I know) but not in at least 1 1/2 hours. During those 1 1/2 hours I was at my mother and father's where I had nothing to drink. Nonetheless, I spent the night in jail, my husband bailed me out and I was humiliated. I have a previous DUI from almost seven years ago, 6 yrs. and 8 mos. ago. to be exact. I did not go differed that time, I'm curious if I am eligible to go differed this time. I have a lot to lose. I absolutely cannot do the mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days in jail in WA state. I am a stay at home mom & 7 1/2 months pregnant. (Seven months pregnant at the time of the incident). I have a two year old & the baby will be here soon. I've heard all the lectures from family & friends and I am extremely disappointed in myself and my decision to drink and then to drive home that night. Just curious about the differed prosecution to keep me out of jail & keep my license.
Deferred prosecution is certainly a possible alternative. It is often used in circumstances such as this. It can keep...
the bac was a .079 when I got to the jail. just under the legal limit. have court at 8 am Tuesday morning
The other major factor, this is your first with a low number, is what was the driving observed by the office (and...
Blood tests show .03 mg/L for clonazepam, .23 mg/L for methamphetamine, and .06 mg/L for amphetamine. I currently am being represented by the public defender but I have talked to him only once and I don't feel he is really motivated in helping me get a fair chance at beating this case. Help!
This website is full of phenomenal attorneys, but you seriously need to hire an attorney in your area. I do not...
I live in Idaho now but got the DUI with my WA license. I found out WA suspended my license as well. They are requiring me to get the SR22 insurance even if I don't need it in Idaho since it got dismissed. I called customer service in WA and asked them if they received the dismissal but they told me they only received the conviction. So I had Idaho send the dismissal to WA. Is that what I was supposed to do or do I need to do something else? My WA license is expired and I don't live there anymore. So I need to get my Idaho license
That was the right move. It doesn't sound like anything is holding up your Idaho license.
When I was 19 years of age in 2011 I was convicted of a DUI in Washington state, I blew .152. Now 22 years old, I have yet to complete the ignition interlock requirement. After the 5 year probationary period, I was hoping I'd be able to waive the ignition interlock requirement, would that at all be possible?
The requirements for the ignition interlock is governed by D.O.L. so contact them and see what and why the requirement...
I was arrested on a DUI charge on Saturday morning and with the weekend and holiday on Monday, have not seen a judge. I have my first court appearance tomorrow and don't know what to expect? If I will have to enter a plea, etc.? It was my first ever offense for DUI, and again, with the weekend and holiday all the local lawyers are not taking calls. I would just like to know some of the initial proceedings until I can talk with a local DUI lawyer.
Some of us local attorneys are working today. Your first appearance will be your arraignment where you enter your plea...