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BAC for Military spouse in Germany....how does it translate to the states?
I received a BAC violation of .054 in Germany as a military spouse. I drove home from a friend's house 6 hours after my last drink, but still had some in my system .054 left. My last residence was in NY where my stateside license is although I'm a legal resident of the state of AL. My EUSRA license was suspended for 3 months, would a stateside suspension be in conjunction with the 3 months in Germany or would it be suspended for 3 months after I return back to the states in 10 months. If it is reported in NY will it be suspended in AL?
It is unlikely to be suspended in the US since it is below the legal limit in NY.
Is there protection for consumers with ignition interlock devices. Major damages on two vehicles, ended business, non-compliance
The device has not worked one day since it was installed. I have taken many days of work for tech visits. One vehicle would only start sometimes and I would be put on hold for hours a day and made to spend entire days at various technicians in various cities. I would be told to hold for several hours then hung up on, drove hundreds of miles at their request only to sit in a driveway the entire evening with no response. I have been forced to sleep freezing in the car during snow storms after it caused electrical issues. The second vehicle malfunctioned when the tech was pulling the car apart and he said that it may have interfered with the engine control electronics. They were not willing to fix the issues. Many other issues happened and the repairs are over $10,500 on a 6 month old engine
Possibly. You could sue in small claims.
I will be pleading to a DWAI in NY. If granted a conditional license in NY, can I still drive in NY with a NJ suspended license?
I was arrested for a DUI but was able to plea down to DWAI in NY. I have a NJ Driver's license. I know NJ will administratively suspend my license but NY will hopefully grant me a conditional license. Can I still drive in NY?
If you take the DDP in NY there is a chance that NJ may not get notice of it. I've seen it happen for a number of my...
Got my interlock device extended for 3 months prior to 6 months already served.
Last month, my car needed to get inspected and serviced. I put in the data system of the interlock device company all information required before the car was going to be serviced. The next day when mycar was bbrought to the mechanics' they did not follow instructions on how to blow into the device making my car go into a 'lockout". I had to call the interlock company to reset my device so I can start up my car. Will this cause the court to extend my interlock device longer even if I show them proof of when the car was serviced? I'm very stressed out about this. Please help.
there are always problems with these interlock devices. And you better pray that whomever blew into the thing was not...
How long do chemical refusal appeals stay in "stay?" and how long does it normally take for DMV to make a decision on an appeal?
I appealed a Chemical refusal test but did not order a transcript. How long does the process normally take?
Government agencies can take quite a while to determine appeals. Speak to your lawyer for more information.
My attorney betrayed me and tried to neglect my criminal case, a misdemeanor DWI, with DMV refusal hearing. What do I do?
My attorney advised me to plead guilty to a lesser charge out of retaliation for a perceived slight and a sense of arrogance and entitlement. This was grossly inappropriate legal advice as he did this without first arranging to get from me and examine exculpatory facts and evidence I repeatedly told him and his staff I had. I sensed what he was doing and I did not follow his malicious advice and have not plead guilty. There were other clear points as well on which he failed to prepare for proceedings or safeguard evidence that might be destroyed. He will covertly neglect and sabotage my interests (he has already tried). I would like to know 1) how to properly terminate the attorney-client relationship 2) any recourse to recover my fees 3) any recourse to pursue a legal malpractice case
You terminate the relationship by hiring a new lawyer. You can not sue for legal malpractice unless you can vacate the...
What penalties will I face if I failed a breath test in my interlock device?
In June 2014, I failed a breath test in my interlock device, trying to take my boyfriend home. I had to contact the interlock device companythat I had use prior to starting the car ,mouthwash and it caused my breath test to fail. Sept 2014 I tried to explain to the monitor authority that my lease is almost due for my interlock and I want confirmation to uninstall the device, but they stated that because of the lockout in June, they may need to extend the interlock device and they are trying to imply that I had someone else blow into the device which is very false. Never had I get anybody to blow into the device knowing there is a camera taking pictures of when I take a breath test. What can I do to prove my innocence??? Please help. Need expertise ASAP. Thank you.
First, you need to consult with an attorney who has experience addressing post-conviction IID violations. Presumably,...