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I live in Kentucky and got a DUI last year in July. I recently just got a public intoxication (not alcohol) charge....jail time?
Will I have to serve jail time since I got another charge within a year of my DUI first offense?
If you're still on probation, and the terms of your probation require that you abstain from the use of drugs and/or...
Can you get a cdl license if you have had multiple dui's? 7 yrs since last one.
I've had 4 dui's
You probably won't be able to get a cdl license with multiple DUIs. More than 2 DUIs in CA results in a lifetime ban...
My 17 year old was in accident and charged with dui. He has paid all fines and is now 18. He didn't finish his driving classes.
What does he do to get them back it will be a year in sept since his wreck. Every thing has been paid and is through with court. He turned 18 in March of this year
If he was given a deferred sentence and ordered to complete certain classes, then failed to do so, it is possible the...
Is there a law for when there is an emergency and a person with a dui suspended license needs to drive to safety
I have a suspended drivers license due to a dui and i was with someone who has a license but has diabeties and was very sick at the moment that she couldnt drive so i thought since we only had a couple of blocks to get her to safety i got behind the wheel to attemp her there to safety until we got stopped due to the officier said the passenger didnt have on a seatbelt when i knew she did because i put it on her
There is no law per se. These are facts you can introduce at trial or use in pretrial negotiations. Under KY law you...
If u pay a lawyer and for a dui and and you and the officer had a conflict of interest n the case and the lawyer drops u
and u done paid him 5000.00 and never informed u of a another trial when then last one had been post pone and never tries to contact you but u get a letter in the mail that they have suspended your license. what can I do have commercial driver license plus they arrested me and booked me than let me go right then what can I do to get this matter took care of
You should contact another lawyer in your area. Your new lawyer should be able to help you find out what happened with...
I was Florida resident, moved to Ky but had not changed my license over yet, I got a DUI in Ky with a Florida license, I have w
Can you answer this ?
You were charged with a DUI in Kentucky using your valid drivers' licensed from Florida, therefore, in my opinion there...
What penalties does my friend face for 2nd offense DUI and 2 counts of 1st degree Wanton Endangerment?
She got her 1st DUI approximately 4 yrs ago. 2 weeks ago she sideswiped a semi-truck while under the influence of benzodiazepines in Ballard County, KY. She had both of her 2 yr old twins in the vehicle, which resulted in a 2nd offense DUI charge and 2 counts of 1st degree Wanton Endangerment. She refused the blood test but was CLEARLY under the influence. Then 4 days after being bonded out of jail, she received another 2nd offense DUI charge in the neighboring county of McCracken County, KY. This time she allowed the blood test which will show extremely high levels of Xanax and other controlled substances. Her bond is being revoked in Ballard County due to the DUI in McCracken County, where she is currently incarcerated. What possible penalties does she face in these two counties?
She should contact an attorney because she is likely looking at jail time with kids in car and her offenses being so...