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I was told that if I plea to DWI 3 months lost of license they would dismiss the refusal charge for longer lost of license. Also I was refused PTI so I was offered disorderly person instead. Is this a better deal?
There is a lot more to your case than the limited details you provided. However, as a general rule, a 3 month plea is...
I could have gotten my license back May 2013 but didn't as I really don't need to drive since I take the train for work. I am going to go to get my lisence (finally) and wanted to know if I still need to have device in my car for 2 years? It has been 7 months after my 2 years and heard there may be a new law that only requires a year. Do they count time that you got license back but didn't pick up? That interlock is a real hinderance and embarrassing to say the least. I have not driven in 3 years as is. Hoping for the best. This is the gift that keeps on giving for sure.
Yes, you will have to install the interlock. No, there is no reduction for time spent without a license. The duration...
My son was a first time DWI offender with over .15 blood alcohol level. He was required to put in an ignition interlock device 6 months prior to license renewal. The device was installed but now we have a problem. He cannot get insurance on the vehicle because as the owner of the vehicle the insurance company will not insure the vehicle without the owner having a license. So the insurance company is recommending to turn in the vehicle plates and registration. But the interlock device has to be recalibrated every 60 days and you have to drive the car to get it recalibrated even if you are not using the car. What can be done about this mess.
Answer: If possible, have him sell the vehicle to you or someone else, with a new title and registration being issued...
did a year in jall I lost my licence for 10 years to 2020 I havent drank since 2010 not a drop can I try to get my driver lic. back any time sooner
i am little confused some people say that the breathalizer ane not accurate. so i you get pulled over at night and cop assume that you were drinking he may ask you to take the soberting test and lawyer advice to say no then if cop ask you to take a breathalize test using his handset? should you refuse and wait until cop takes you to headquartes? i am not clear i saw on tv if you use listering you can fail the test. what is the correct procedure? ask for a blood test directly to the cop? i drive at night a lot n tons of cops are in the road i am afraid to get stop and have an incorrect test n being arrested by mistake. scary to know that those machines give false reading
A few things: 1) Are any of the people you talked to lawyers? If so, do they practice DWI defense? You should only,...
I had a second offense DUI almost nine years ago in New Jersey in which I was sentenced to having an IID installed on may car after the suspension period. I have not needed a license and now do, I live out of state and will never be driving in NJ again. Is there anyway around having my license restored without the IID?
I'm almost positive you have posted this before, and the answer remains, "No."
four in five convicted on 12/11/2010 my license suspended for 10 years is that right being that they were more than 10 years apart from each other
Yes. You really only get one step down. You are much they can be served concurrently.