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West New York Crime

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  • Man pleads not guilty in killing of his girlfriend

    Tuesday Apr 26 | via White Lake Beacon 

    A northern New Jersey man has been arrested on charges he killed his girlfriend who was found dead behind a building last year. The Jersey Journal reports Jose Ayala pleaded not guilty on Monday to a murder charge in the death of 32-year-old Zaray Montenegro.


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  • North Bergen man charged with West New York girlfrie...

    Tuesday Apr 26 | via The Jersey Journal 

    A North Bergen man has been arrested and charged with murdering his girlfriend who was found dead behind a building on Adams Street in West New York in October. Jose B. Ayala, of Newkirk Avenue in North Bergen, was arrested on Friday in Secaucus on charges that he murdered Zaray Montenegro, 32. He made his first court appearance on the charges yesterday in Jersey City.


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  • Teen charged with slashing West New York schoolmate

    Monday Apr 11 | via NJ.com 

    WEST NEW YORK -- A 16-year-old sophomore at Memorial High School was arrested early Monday morning, after police said he used a modeling knife to slash a schoolmate in the face and neck. The slashing took place Friday after school hours, just outside the high school, though not on school grounds, said West New York Police Director Robert Antolos."


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  • Former deli owner in North Bergen pleads guilty to t...

    Mar 28, 2016 | via The Item 

    A politically-connected former deli owner has pleaded guilty to theft in connection with allegations that he had Public Works employees perform construction jobs at his Kennedy Boulevard shop. Joseph Lorenzo, 79, of West New York, will be sentenced on May 20. Under the terms of his plea agreement, the state will recommend that he receive probation and be required to pay $15,000 in restitution and criminal penalties, state Attorney General's Office spokesman Peter Aseltine said.


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  • DPW head's relative repaired his business on town's ...

    Mar 25, 2016 | via The Newark Star-Ledger 

    NORTH BERGEN - A West New York man pleaded guilty Monday to theft in connection to charges that he had on-duty North Bergen Department of Public Works employees perform services at his family's deli and meat distribution business, according to the N.J. Attorney General's Office. The former business owner, Joseph Lorenzo, 78, was indicted in October on charges of second-degree conspiracy, second-degree official misconduct and third-degree theft by unlawful taking, authorities said.


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  • Stolen car 911 call under review in probe of fatal W...

    Mar 23, 2016 | via NorthJersey.com 

    Only minutes after a Newark man allegedly struck and killed a 7-year-old girl with his car in a hit-and-run accident last month, his wife called police to report that the vehicle he was driving had been stolen. Providing a slightly different version of events - in what authorities have said was likely a ruse orchestrated by the couple - the alleged driver, Fabian P. Rodriguez, followed up with his own call 90 minutes later, providing police elaborate details about a car theft.


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  • Man Fraudulently Used Trucking Company's Account To ...

    Mar 19, 2016 | via Patch.com 

    A West New York man has been indicted on charges he pretended to be an employee of a Newark company to use the company's Verizon Wireless account to get an iPhone 6s, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office. Cesar Sabino, 32, of West New York, N.J., was indicted on charges of theft by deception, making a false statement in procuring issuance of a credit card; forgery and impersonation in the Nov. 13 incident at the Verizon Wireless store in Howell.


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West New York Law

DWI DUI below 0.08
Got pulled over for speeding, In 16 F degree on icy road asked to do stupid test which were done appropriately, arrested for telling the officer your finger is outside my field of vision now , during nystagmus testing . Wasn't intoxicated of impaired in any way form still breathalyzer was 0.05, so they asked me for urine sample I'm on prescription meds that I didn't even use that morning but certainly would assume it will be positive in the urine test. The asked another officer with some medical training to perform a set of tests which I was told it didn't show evidence of impaitmenf then finally I was charged with DWi/DUI plus speeding and careless driving , etc first time getting DUI , good driving records, have reflux and didn't drink that morning What is the worst case scenario?!
Assuming this is your first offense, 12 month loss of license along with thousands in fines and surcharges. Jail is...
How am I expected to take my car in for monthly interlock service when I have a suspended license and can't drive the car there?
I simply don't understand the logic behind one law ordering me not to drive and another law ordering me to take my car in for interlock service every month. I missed my first interlock service appt because I couldn't summons anyone to take a morning off from work and drive my car there for me. I don't have a spouse or family member that can just constantly do me this favor. I just don't understand the logic of needing a device in a car that sits and rots, and has to be jumped each time I service it because the device drains the battery of this car I am not allowed to drive. Help!
I don't practice in your state. I assume you had an attorney that represented you on the initial charge ( I further...
What will be the consequence when I interrupt my interlock contract next month to sell the car and move across the country?
I was arrested in NJ but have a NYS license. I installed my court-ordered interlock device in August and it is required until March 2014. However, midway through my contract I will be moving across the country to CA. I need to sell my car before I move. I don’t need/want a car in CA but I need to know what I am expected to do about this court order. My NYS license was revoked for 90 days and that is over, so if I want a CA license I am assuming I can get one because my NYS license will be valid when I apply. I do not want to spend thousands of dollars every month in CA for a car and parking spot just to satisfy NJ driving privileges that I may never need again. The lifesafer people point to DMV - DMV points to the courts, the court point back to DMV.
You need a criminal defense attorney to redocket the case, explain these facts to the judge/prosecutor and seek some...
Will any state will issue a hardship license , currently suspended 4 more years in New Jersey.
whats your thought on hardship license
NJ does not have any conditional licenses for any reason. Other States do. But the problem here is you are on a 10 year...
Hardship licence, currenlty 2008 was my last and third dui in NJ can I get a hardship licence from another state
willing to relocate
No. Another state will not issue you a driver's license while you are suspended in NJ.
What state am I resident in for probation? Arrested for DUI in Colorado but haven't been there long.
I don't want to do probation in Colorado! After spending a year in foreign countries I came to Colorado to quickly write a thesis. I did not plan on being resident. I got a DUI that will require probation and the arrest happened in September. There are out-of-state priors going back 15 years. When I came to Colorado I registered my vehicle which had been in storage because the plates were expired. I have a NJ drivers license. Before going overseas I went to school briefly in Texas but was considered an out-of-state student. Prior to that I was in Montana for less than a year and prior to that I was in Oregon for over a year (that would be 2010-2012). I believe I was registered to vote in Oregon. I took some graduate classes in Oregon and may have been considered resident for that (I don't recall). For purposes of probation can I claim to be resident of Oregon? I know there is an interstate compact but it sounds very hard to transfer. The question is: where would I be considered resident? I expect 6 months of work release in Colorado which will bring me over a year in the state but the only reason I have stayed here is for the pendancy of the case.
You would be best served asking the attorney that represented you on the DUI in Colorado. Each state has different...
I want to get a police officer to testify in my dwi trial. What forms do I have to use to call him to testify?
Ask a police officer questions about my DWI that was over 10 years ago
I cannot imagine why you would do this w/o a lawyer. Go to the clerk's office as early as possible and see if they will...