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What is the LA % of time spent in county jail for dui charges? Also early take out?
Please help.
Currently you are getting credit for 1 day for every 2 days that you spend in jail. If you are being accused of a DUI...
This is my first Drunk in Public charge and I'm wondering what consequences I'm looking at. Will I do jailtime?
I had a DUI in another state 6 years ago.
A review of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case and an analysis of your prior criminal history is...
I have no idea what to expect for a old dui.
What should I expect. When I go to court for a old dui that happen in 2009. I don't think I was still on probation when I got pulled over on 2014. Then I had news for a warrant I had even though I finished the dui program and payed my fines. I have no idea what to expect .
You should speak to the lawyer who represented you in 2009. If you didn't have one or don't like them, get a new one...
Drunk Driving Arrests Result in Visa Revocations
I came to USA on a student visa and after graduating I started working on H1-b visa. I am working on H1-b visa since 7 years. 4 years back I got pulled over for DUI in los angeles. I pleaded guilty and after 3 years the case is dismissed aswell. Its been over an year now that the case is dismissed. I haven't been to the home country in over 6 years. I see in lot of blogs that consular office issues a Prudential revocation of your visa after the DUI and I never received any such notice. I also see in the blogs that folks receive different kinds of notices and I also see in the blogs that The prudential revocation of a visa stamp by the DOS should not disrupt the individual's legal status in the United States Please let me know if my status is revoked or how could I check if I was issued a prudential revocation.
Ask your counsel of record to investigate, however, all things considered it would be unreasonably harsh to assume your...
How can I visit Canada after a DUI?
I got a DUI in 2013. I'd visited Canada before in 2012 because my cousins live there and I was planing on visiting them again in December 2016. However, I heard that they are very strict when it comes to DUIs. I have been a permanent resident of the States since 2009. Is there any way to go to Canada again? Your legal advice would be greatly appreciated!
I suggest you contact attorney Marc Laforce. He deals specifically with these types of cases. [email protected]..
I'm almost positive I'm going to get charged with a felony for my dui and what to know the chances of getting it down to a misde
In January I was in an accident for driving under the influence I'm 19 and my bac was .29 there were 2 other cars involved in the accident I hit one car head on and and was T-boned by another car I don't remember any of it but heard that I had injured someone in the car but I don't know how badly the Injuries were. This is my first offense, my record is clear and I'm in nursing school right now I have all A's in my class I don't know if that helps? And whoever typed up my report that was sent to court has my lisence number wrong so I'm hoping that mistakes helps in some way too. I just want to know what the chances are of getting a felony down to a misdemeanor for my dui
With just this information there is no way to know. This type of case is what everybody fears. Many times a DUI with...
I was arrested for a DUI on Sunday but I am wondering if there is enough to file a motion to suppress.
I was driving down a small neighborhood street, going under the speed limit, and saw an officer pulled someone over on the right side of the street. The PO was at the persons driver side door. As I was driving by the police turned and flashed his flashlight for me to stop. When I stopped he asked if I'd been drinking. I said "do I have to answer that?" He told me to turn off the car. He called another PO to come to the area and 5-10 minutes later the officer arrived, had me do the field sobriety test (which was on a slanted sidewalk...I went back and took pictures), then I had to blow in the machine and blew .13 and was arrested. When I got to the station a few minutes later I blew again but it wasn't working. After 3-4x I believe the officer said he's "adverse 1" or something. I would like to know if anyone believes this to be an illegal stop? I don't believe the officer had probable cause to stop me. He wasn't even looking at me until he glanced to his right while at the other persons door. My headlights were working, front plates were on, going under the speed limit...etc.
motion to suppress is made in court after the arraignment. with dmv, the legality of the detension/arrest can be...