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First-offense DUI after car crash, rolling papers may have been in car, can this be used against me?
I was recently arrested for a DUI after crashing my car into a snow bank. This is my first offense, and it was simply a result of foolishly not eating at all before, during, or after drinking. Thankfully no other person or property was damaged except my car. However, I'm worried that there may have been rolling papers in my car at the time of my arrest. As far as I know, there were no illegal substances in the car, but I'm worried that the presence of rolling papers might imply I was under the influence of drugs, which I was not. Is it possible that the presence of rolling papers could be used against me, even without the presence of illegal substances? How can I prove that I wasn't under the influence of drugs in the event that illegal substances were in my car without my knowledge?
Unless the rolling papers are specifically mentioned in your police report I would not think that they would become an...
How to clear the DUI arrest record from appearing from background checks ?
My case will be dismissed in a year in CT. What are the next steps do i have to take in order to clear the arrest records accessed from public ?
Send a certified letter to the chief of policy of the town in which you were arrested and to the Commissioner of the...
Can i get security clearance with dui felonies on my record
i was just offered a job at electric boat in Groton ct But my criminal background worries me they did not ask about my past but before i leave the job i currently have will it be possible to find out if i will even be able to start working for them
I am assuming that because you have DUI felonies, you have multiple charges. We dont know when these occurred or how...
I got my DUI program and likely charges will be dismissed by next year. Does it mean the records will be expunged by default ?
Do i have to deal with expungement again through separate process (in CT). Even its expunged then, still the arrest and criminal record will appear to Federal and State every time they run through history?
What will appear is that you were arrested for Dui and used the alcohol education program. lf you successfully complete...
Did the police officer have reasonable suspicion to pull me over? Can my DUI case be dismissed?
Argument with boyfriend - He called police and claimed I was "intoxicated, out of control and violent." My friend passed away earlier that day & I was on the phone while he was trying to sleep. He became irate & screamed at me which person on other end heard. I began yelling at him for it & arguing continued. He called police. I just needed to speak to my friends so I left the apt. He called police back to say I left & was driving drunk. I passed a police car who was driving into in our apt complex while I was driving out. The officer notes in report that he heard from dispatch that i left the residence. He then turned around to follow me onto the main rd. I did not make any traffic violations or swerves - none are mentioned on the police report and none are noted on my ticket which solely says DUI. The police reports states the officer was making an "investigatory stop." Another set of officers went into the apt while I was being pulled over and their report notes that boyfriend said the altercation was "verbal only" & that the apartment was in order & no signs of damage or physical altercation. Neighbors told police they heard me yelling. Thank you for any advice.
The police had a reasonable suspicion that you were driving drunk based on your boyfriend's telephone call.
A. What's the options for criminal charges getting reduced to lesser charges apart from AEP ?
I was pulled over for First DUI and wrong highway direction. BAC was 0.16 %. No history of any other charges before.
An attorney would need a complete understanding of the circumstances to properly answer your question. However, unless...
Is there a difference between a dui and possession of drugs and or alcohol?
I just applied for a job and the employer said my record showed possession. I didn't have any illegal drugs or open containers. I wasn't even driving.
Yes they are two completely separate charges