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  • Available Rental Properties in West Hartford

    19 hrs ago | via Patch.com 

    Police: Mother Leaves Baby in Car While She Shops; Man Charged of Sexually Assaulting Woman at Bar; Military Mom Honored Something odd in the sky? West Hartford doctor honored for lung cancer awareness; Real estate roundup and more top news of the week. Police say the man allegedly placed his hand down the victim's pants while waiting in line at the bar.


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  • Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman at West Har...

    Sunday Jul 26 | via Patch.com 

    Police say the man allegedly placed his hand down the victim's pants while waiting in line at the bar. West Hartford police have charged a Windsor man with allegedly sexually assaulting a woman while waiting in line at a local bar.


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  • Suspects lead police on chase after armed robbery at...

    Friday Jul 3 | via WTNH 

    Four people are accused of leading police on a chase after an armed robbery at a Hartford package store on Thursday night. Police say officers saw two males, one wearing a hoodie and a mask and the other carrying a duffle bag, exit the Franklin Avenue Package Store around 9 p.m. They say the victim then came out of the store and pointed towards a car fleeing on Bodwell Street.


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  • Sex Offender Drove Ice Cream Truck With Teen: Cops

    Wednesday Jul 1 | via NBC Los Angeles 

    A registered sex offender is facing charges after police say they found him driving an ice cream truck in West Hartford with a 13-year-old in tow. Tylon Jarrett, 37, of Hartford, was behind the wheel when police stopped him Wednesday evening on New Britain Avenue.


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  • 'We've been called the Peter Pan generation': Grown ...

    Sunday Jun 28 | via Daily Mail 

    Goldie Hawn's ex Bill Hudson says she 'poisoned' their son and film star daughter Kate against him and vows to 'break all ties with them all' in blistering attack Gun terror at San Francisco Pride parade: Marchers left running for cover and 64-year-old bystander shot as gunman opens fire during violent scuffle Obama's best-ever week? Gay marriage legal in all states, triumphant in healthcare reform and a stirring eulogy on race relations - the President's 'victory lap' begins Love is love! America wakes up under a new era of equal marriage in all states in time for Pride weekend as thousands of homosexual couples prepare to tie the knot Could this be YOU? Everyday Americans, including trained professionals and bosses, reveal how easily they fell into masses of debt - and have been left with no escape Engineering student who loved Real Madrid, Facebook and breakdancing: Tunisian mass ... (more)


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West Hartford Law

First-offense DUI after car crash, rolling papers may have been in car, can this be used against me?
I was recently arrested for a DUI after crashing my car into a snow bank. This is my first offense, and it was simply a result of foolishly not eating at all before, during, or after drinking. Thankfully no other person or property was damaged except my car. However, I'm worried that there may have been rolling papers in my car at the time of my arrest. As far as I know, there were no illegal substances in the car, but I'm worried that the presence of rolling papers might imply I was under the influence of drugs, which I was not. Is it possible that the presence of rolling papers could be used against me, even without the presence of illegal substances? How can I prove that I wasn't under the influence of drugs in the event that illegal substances were in my car without my knowledge?
Unless the rolling papers are specifically mentioned in your police report I would not think that they would become an...
I'm "suspended for life",3rd d.u.i.. I live in Ct. The last two were in 2001. Do I need interlock to ride 49cc scooter-moped?
suspended for life means a hearing at M.V.D. I was suspended back in 2001 for third D.W.I. I have become fully disabled since 2002. Since then I served 1 year of incarceration where I was allowed to attend an alcohol treatment and education program that was required by the court. It seems that after 12 years absolutely nobody has any record of this, including M.V D. , I'm a totally different person these days with alcohol use way behind me. I can hardly walk and need a simple moped-scooter-49cc to relieve the burden to the tax payers for local transportation around town for doctors and small necessities. I can't afford a car or motorcycle on tiny fixed income, so do I need another alcohol class and an interlock device to occasionally use it for very local errands ?
This is an easy answer. They don't make IIDs for mopeds or motorcycles, so the question is mute.
I was pulled over by a police officer after having 4 beers, but got arreted (DUI). what should i do?
I was pulled over by a police officer after having 4 beers. I passed 3/4 driving tests but I stopped at missisipi #21 (which i shouldn't have because I was supposed to go endless). What should I do now? I need my drivers license to go to work...
I doesn't matter how many field sobriety tests you passed. Or how many beers you had.....Stop posting the details....
Do I need an attorney for a drinking while driving offense? No DUI. What punishment(s) am I most likely to face?
I was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. The officer saw an open beer in my cup holder. I was given a sobriety test, which I passed (no B.A.C. taken). I have no previous moving or alcohol related violations/infractions, and a completely clean record (i.e., I've never been arrested before).
At the very least you should set up a consultation with a criminal lawyer to discuss your case. Especially for a...
I had to plead guilty to a DUI that I am not guilty of?
My urine was clean and I don't drink alcohol at all the cops actually made stuff up. I know that you hear this all the time . But I have the paperwork to prove it . But if I didn't plead guilty then they wanted to put me in jail for 4 and a half years .
If that is the case, then you need to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney right away. If you cannot...
Is my limited driving privilege, issued in North Carolina, recognized in Connecticut?
My license was suspended in North Carolina for DWI (0.14 BAC) for 1 year beginning around May 1st. I have a summer internship in Connecticut and need to drive to and from work. My limited driving privilege in NC allows me to drive for work-related, educational purposes, or maintenance of household between 6am and 8pm Monday-Friday. Will these same conditions be valid in Connecticut?
Contact the Connecticut Dept of Motor Vehicles" Work Permit unit. Someone there ought to be able to assist you. You...
I would like to know if I can get my record expunged of a dui misdeamenor back in November 2010?
I received a dui ten years ago and they is off my record. How ever I received another one in November 2010. I would like to know if I can get that misdemeanor expunged from my record? I am trying to further an education and career in nursing in Connecticut.
Assuming your convictions are in CT, you will need to speak to a criminal defense attorney in your state. Expungement...