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If you have an out of state license in a state that has no suspension for a refusal can pendot still put you on the national reg
I live in md and was approached while parked in my car the accused me of being intoxicated I refused the blood test because im afraid of needles and in Maryland you can refuse for up to 4 hours does pen dot law of automatic dui and suspension apply legal in this case and its been 2 yrs that my license has been suspended and they want to tack on a third yr because they suspended my license before I went to trial and now my trial suspension is up an they said I have 1 more year
License suspensions for refusal are found at 75 Pa.C.S. 1547. License suspensions for the DUI charge that is the...
If you get a DUI and have to get a OLL ( Occupational Limited License) will the company your working for be contacted about it
Can't lose my job and if my company finds out that could very much happen..but I need to know if I fill out a OLL application will my job be contacted about it...I know they have to fill out some spots on it but If I could say its because of a unpaid traffic ticket or sumthin it would be alot better then a DUI
While its very understandable that you don't want to lose your job, it nonetheless would not serve you well to lie to...
My friend is facing DUI charges in 2 counties. He was arrested in one county and bond was set at $5k. There was no detainer.
I went to a bondsman and made an agreement and took the paperwork to the prison. They then told me they had to "verify his address" and he would be released the next day after doing so. The next day, they rushed and did a preliminary arraignment for the other county where bail was set by them for $10k. Today he was transported to the other county's prison. Do we have a case to request the bail from there be eliminated? I'm still on the line for the original bond...
Once the bond is posted it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get it back until the case has been disposed of....
I'm out on parole for my 2nd dui. Can I visit a bar to eat dinner as long as I don't drink?
I've completed all court conditions and currently on phone reporting for a 2nd time DUI conviction. I reviewed all of my paper work and nothing states I can't visit an establishment that serves alcohol. All it states is I can't consume alcohol. I didn't receive anything from my parole officer stating the conditions of my parole except an anytrax reporting letter. If I went out with my girlfriend for dinner at a bar/grill could I violate my parole in PA?
You can go to a bar or restaurant. what you can not do is drink. However, wouldn't it be better not to be around...
What petition form ( 490 or 790) do I use for an expungement for a DUI case in Pennslyvania?
A year ago I got a DUI along with a hit & run charge. I didnt take the blood test which caused me to lose my license for a year. Luckily I got accepted into an ARD program and was given the opportunity to have my record cleared. As of today I have completed all of the requirements of the ARD program and the only thing I have left to do is hand in the petition for expungement. I just need help determining which petition to fill out and submit. There is blank expungement order 490, blank expungement order 790, petition for expungement pursuant to P.a.R crim 490, petition for expungment pursuant to p.a. R. crim 790. Is there anyway you can help me pick the right petition to use? Also do i need to submit a copy of my criminal record with the petition? any guidance/advice will help me out alot! Thanks
First of all, I am leery of preprinted Expungement forms. There is a specific procedure involved in obtaining an...
Do probation officers have to show you results or your drug screen when they say it is positive and want you to admit to using
I went for my by weekly drug screen yesterday and to see my probation Officer I have not used a drug since i was prescribed one in early September I have not failed a drug screen since i got out of rehab and a half way house July first and my Probation officer said i failed and that if i did not admit to it i would go to jail. So out of fear i said i took vicaden just so i would not go to jail then i asked to see the positive drug test result and he would not show it to me.My older brother who hates me and who is always failing drug screens and going to jail talked to my po yesterday as he was there to see his.He told my po that i had overdosed and been using regularly so basiclly my po is talking to my brother and taking the info from him and putting towards threating me is this a conflict of intrest as my brother and I had the same probation officer untill I asked to be switched cause I knew a situation like this would occur cause my brother loves to steer the spot light off of him and on to other people like he failed his urine test and made a deal to tell on myself and other people for using when i myself have not been also he is calling my out patient treatment place
No they do not. Sorry you confessed to something you did not do.
How often is probation for a juvenile DUI?
If your BAC was in the "High Tier" and you are a juvenile who is not eligible for a consent decree or ARD, what is the expected probation time expected?
If a chemical test determines that a driver under 21 has a blood alcohol content BAC of .02% or higher, the driver can...