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How can I prove my child's mother is using drugs again?
I have custody of my two sons ages 9 & 10. I was granted custody 3 years ago when my ex wife was in prison ed for aggravated distribution of methamphetamine. She has been out of prison for almost two years and has standard visitation. I suspect she is doing drugs again. I know I can petition for her to be tested but am afraid she will clear her system and bleach or shave her hair before the drug test is administered. What can I do to ensure an accurate testing or is there another way to prove her drug use?
Sounds like you answered your own question. You're going to need proof. You may want to consider hiring a private...
How may i get license after dui/no license/ reckless driving ticket in the year 2009?
I'm attempting to get license at this time but when i applied the ticket came up from 2009..I'm from Mississippi, got ticket in Arkansas .
This could be easy, or it may be a total pain. First, call Fayetteville District Court and ask them what you have...
Can I plead guilty to do a DUI before the court date?
I was charged with a DUI in Arkansas. Arkansas law states that even as a minor if I blow over a .08, I should be charged with a DWI instead. I'm not sure why I was charged with a DUI, since I blew a .13. Would I be able to plead guilty to the DUI before the court date? A DUI in Arkansas bears a lot less consequences than a DWI.
No, you probably cannot plead prior to the court date. You should get a local criminal defense attorney before you try...
Will my boyfriend be drug tested at his arraignment? Will the no contact order be removed? Will he have jail time for sure?
My bf was arrested for terroristic threatening against me. I personally did not hear him say such thing but the police have it on recording. He was put out on bond and the bond states that he must not use drugs or have any contact with me. His court date is the 19 of December. Will he be drug tested? I signed an affidavit stating that I never heard my bf threaten me and that I don't want him charged. Will my affidavit be used at all?
The court date on 12/19/16, his arraignment, is for your boyfriend to enter his plea to the charge, either "guilty" or "...
What should I do about my driver's license being suspended for fines from 2010?
I received a letter this weekend that my driving privileges are suspended for failure to pay fines in 2010. I am not sure what they are about, but it seems odd that this is the first that I have heard of it.
If it doesn't state it already in the letter, call Driver Control and find out which court has your license suspended....
Can I get my DWI and possession of controlled substance expunged from 2012 as well as my DWI in 2014?
I received a DWI and possession of a controlled substance in august of 2012, and another DWI in 2014. Can I get these expunged, and if so, how soon can I get them expunged? The first instance occurred in Springdale, AR and the second in Lowell, AR.
I practice in Maryland, not Arkansas, however, I believe the laws on this issue are similar. Were you convicted of...
What's the penalty for possession of paraphernalia in prairie grove Arkansas
I got pulled over and told the police they couldn't search and they still did and found drug paraphernalia.
Misdemeanor paraphernalia is punishable by up to one year in jail and/or up to a $2500 fine. If you did not consent to...