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Dui car rental?
Could I still rent a vehicle through my insurance after being charged with a dui but have yet to be convicted. I did get a paper saying I have a suspended license, but it says I have 30 days to drive before it turns into a suspended license. This paper was given to me after I was released from the jail cell in local police station.
This will depend on the rental company. Most major car rental locations will not rent to you without a current, valid,...
Failed car breathelizer
My husbands interlock company said they don't record failed tests, however he was pulled over for speeding and when they ran his name he had a $50,000 warrant for driving on a suspended and was arrested. That is the only thing I can think of for such a high bail. He has no other legal issues. I've narrowed down that there was 4 times he failed the test and maybe that was notified to the courts, I don't know but in that scenario what is the punishment. And why would the interlock people say that?
Your husband needs an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will be the best person to answer all your questions.
How do I get out of a surrender date? Can I pay the fine or ask for house arrest?
Jan 2014 I received a DUI. I was asked to do a 9 month dui program, hospital and morgue class, 3 days of community service, my lic was suspended and a fine of about 2500. I went to my last court date in early Aug and everything was completed except to remainder of my fine which was $842. The judge gave me a surrender date of Jan 6,1017 for 60 days due to me being 9 months pregnant is there a way to overturn my surrender and pay the balance or even get house arrest? This will be my third child my fiancé just got a really good job and me going to jail is just a huge set back.
Have your lawyer go back into court for a modification of your probation and surrender date. Give your attorney a...
What to when police nocks on my door looking for someone that no longer lives in my house with dui's
This person left my house but and did not show to court for dui's what can I do if police comes look8ng for this person
You tell the police that he/she no longer lives there.
I got a DUI and trying to clarify my punishments and mistakes i think the officers made at my arrest.
I got pulled over by CHP four days ago in West Covina. The officer didn't say why they pulled me over. They asked me to get out of the car and said i was driving over 100MPH. Which is not true. I did 4 sobriety tests. Clearly passed but the officer was training a newbie, and when I refused to take breath test he arrested me without reading me my rights. At the station i did the breath test and they said I blew over .08 but didn't tell me how much despite my asking. I didn't go to jail. they released me to a friend who signed for me and picked me up. Got charged with DUI but no mention of my speeding, actual speed or moving violation on my ticket. ( does that mean they messed up?) if they didn't write my speed or moving violation, why did they pull me over? I am told since it's my first offense and have a clean driving record that I am gonna get 3 months alcohol school and 4 months license suspension ( already talked to DMV-asked for stay and trial). Plus of course fines ( how high are the fines???) and most likely breathalyzer ignition installed. I was also told my insurance is going to go super high. Is this all true or am I missing something regarding my most likely sentence?
You have two separate cases. One with the DMV and one with Court. With DMV: if you lose the hearing, 4 month...
Will I still be prosecuted after 33 yrs if I go back to ca?
In 1983 I got a DUI arrest in ca. I missed court date and moved to another state.
Highly unlikely. You should retain counsel to take this off the books for you because it is likely that there is a...
What should I expect at a surrender hearing for a 2nd dui in west covina? I got 50 days will I actually have to serve jail time?
I heard that I might just be processed in a jail but will be released after a day r so? Is that true? Or what should I expect?
You discussed this with your lawyer, right? When you were sentenced? You could serve as much as 25 days, but probably...